My 500 Smiles Run

It was a rainy morning.

It was a training day for me.

I have my mind set on a long run only.

My pace on a long run is quite fast (ehem), not because I am fast, but because this is still a race with lots of photographers around.

Yes, that means, I’d be running just below my threshold pace.

I walked to the starting line. Under the rain. So by time I get there, I am already soaking wet.

Much to my surprise, we have to wait for the mayor to pull the gun before we start running.

That means, I’d be enduring the cold. I was wearing nothing but skin behind my sleeveless adidas climacool on this wet morning! LOLz

It was a very small crowd. And I knew a majority of the runners. I even told them that this will be the first time for us to get to see our names on the first page of the race result!

Sam, The Running Ninja asked me if I’d race. I told him that i’d just run “LONG”. We understood each other of course. 🙂


That was the gunstart. And off we go. I started quite easier than my easy long run pace. Picked up the pace after the last turn-around back to the finish.

Surprised to be told, right after going down Buendia flyover that we have to go back inside CCP. I knew then that the route i long. This is my training ground. I know when I’m running longer than usual. I know when a race route is long.

But that’s not a problem at all. I even liked it! I intend to run long – and it was a gift generously given on a wet race morning!

Thank God!

At the last 3K where I was able to catch-up with Maya – a fellow Team Boring, I had to increase my pace to a tempo. I intend to beat 1 hour and 36 minutes for a 16K, knowing that it’s already a longer route. Yeah, sounds crazy, but I knew i’d be happy if i’d be able to. So i tried.

Happy to see Sam, The Running Ninja pass me by. He was running smoothly. 🙂

I tried to maintain my pace. I cannot go faster or I’d hit my threshold.

It was a very nice morning. Yes, wet. Yes too few runners. But a great run indeed.

No hassle at any line (as there was hardly any line anywhere)…

No traffic at all. Not on any annoying motor vehicle or any runner.

As I enter the last 500 meter, still at my pace, where I am all smiles and not panting at all, i tried to increase my pace.

I’m used to doing it. Sprinting to the Finish line. But this time is different. I stick to my pace.

…and got rewarded.

I immediately went home after getting a bottle of water and buying myself a taho.

Surprised to be informed that I made it in the TOP 10 of the 16K Category. I am 10th Placer.

Thanks to Maya for claiming my medal.

Thanks to Without Limits for this Race.

This was my “HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” Race for November 6. I was right. 🙂

Praise be to God!


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