Take It UP

We all wanted to finish a race.

Some prefer to finish strong. Some prefer to finish well. Some prefer just to finish. Whatever and however you may want it – it’s still the most important part of any race – the finish.

3 Things:

  • How you plan to finish – the concrete plan you have about finishing the race.
  • How you are able to finish – the manner you actually did it.
  • How are you after you finish – the state you are after crossing the line.

The Plan

is almost always important for anyone running a race. Yes it might depend on the distance. Yes it is relative. But it’s wise to have one if you have other plans for your time. It’s best to plan according to a cut-off because that would easily dictate the pacing of your run. Unless you cannot take the pace – get a plan.

The Actual

is almost always (based on my own experience and what I have seen) is a deviation of “The Plan”.  LOLz. Funny as it may seem but it’s the truth. Only a chosen few can plan and execute the exact plan on an ultramarathon. In a 5K or 10K or even 21K or 42K, it’s doable. But in an ultramarathon event, where a lot of other factors can greatly affect the plan, what actually happens is a also a lot surprising especially to the new ones.

The State

you will be after a race will greatly depend on how you executed the plan – and in the absence of which – how you were able to finish.I really think, and I believe that those who were able to maximize full use of their easy pace are the ones who are most happy at the finish line. Over-speeding is not advisable at all. Conservative approach pays well.


Over and above everything, take it up! Pray and believe that God will bless your plan and enable you to execute it well, and that you may be in good form as you cross the finish line. It works well when you are under His grace.



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