Longest Races on a Shoe

It just occurred to me that I have a lot of shoes and I somehow lost track of the long distance stats I have. So here I made an update.


Fat-Ass 2012

January 7, 2012, 12-hour Category

AdiStar Salvation

3rd QCIM

42.195K 3rd Quezon City International Marathon



adidas Supernova Glide II

MIM. Checking out how stupid this race was. WORST of 2011.

42.195KMS Manila International Marathon



AdiStar Salvation

2nd PAU T2N

50KMS 2nd PAU T2N, 09.17.2011

07 hours 10 minutes and09 seconds

Mizuno Wave Infinity

35th MILO MARATHON Elimination. Beating the 6-hour barrier by 1 minute.

42.195K 35th Milo Marathon, 07.31.2011

05:58:39 (Chip Time)

Newton Racer

Fort Magsaysay to Dingalan, Aurora Province

60K PAU FM2D, 07.16.2011

10 hours 27 minutes and 08 seconds

adidas Supernova Glide II

LAST RUN of the Pegasus. Rush near the Finish Line.

57KMS Nuvali Trail Challenge/06.18.2011

09 hours 45 minutes and 51 seconds

Nike Pegasus +25


81KMS Mayon 360 International Ultramarathon

April 2, 2011/14:25:00

adidas Supernova Glide II

Zombie Walk

161KMS BDM 160K Ultramarathon

February 26-27, 2011/34:05:54

Alternated adidas Supernova Glide II/Adizeo F50 Racer/Adistar Salvation

58KMS BDM 102-160 Test Run (Result)/January 29, 2011 5am to January 30, 2011/adidas Supernova Glide II

FAT-ASS 2011. Lull moments - resting the feet.

88K Fat-Ass 2011

January 8-9, 2011/24 Hour Category

adidas Supernova Glide II

2nd QCIM

42.6KMS 2nd Quezon City International Marathon (QCIM)


05:13:08. OFFICIAL PACER for 5:15:00.

Newton Racer

4th PAU 1st T2N

50KMS 4th PAU T2N 2010


Nike Pegasus +25

2nd PAU P2P. Angas shot.

70KMS 2nd PAU P2P


Anta Running Shoes

34th MILO Marathon Elimination

42.195KMS 34th Milo Marathon

07.04.2010/05:42:14 (Chip Time)

Newton Racer

1st PAU in Tanay. Bliss at the Finish Line

50KMS 1st PAU Tanay Run


Nike Pegasus +25

Stretch to the Finish Line (Nobody recognized me until I passed them) LOLz 🙂

102KMS Bataan Death March 2 International Ultramarathon

03.06.10 to 03.07.10


Nike Pegasus +25

with RHONEIL beating the 6-hour cut-off via 7:1 Galloway!

42.195KMS Condura Run 2010 Marathon

02.07.10/5 hours 56 minutes 16 seconds

Newton Racer

1st CEBU Marathon. Near the Finish Line.

42.195KMS Cebu Marathon

01.10.10, 5:49:21

Newton Racer

(WORST race after SIM. No picture)

42.195KMS Philippine Int’l Marathon

11.08.09/05 hours 47 mins/Newton Racer

WORST race of 2009.

(WORST race of the year. Good preparation for an Ultramarathon if you are on self-support)

42.195KMS SUBIC Int’l Marathon


07:36 (unofficial)

Nike Pegasus +25

San kaya? LOLz

42.195KMS Quezon City Int’l Marathon


Nike Pegasus +25


42.195KMS 33rd Milo Marathon, 07.05.09

5:20, Nike Pegasus +25

Doc Sherwin - ME - Doc Roy

42.195KMS BOTAK PAA-BILISAN, 05.10.09

6:30++, Nike Pegasus +25

🙂 so much memories.

…and this was me on my very first race =

RUN Against PAIN in LUNETA, October 18, 2008 (cam date is not updated)

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