I ran 161 kilometers and went home with the buckle…


29:34:22 @ KM 161 aka The Finish Line.

Took me 65 minutes from KM 150 to KM 161. It was the hardest and longest run of them all.

It was not just hot – it’s really really hot.

Happy to see my family along with my support crew as I enter the last 6K.

Happy to see Team Boring’s Marco Christopher Montaos some kilometers to 102K.

Glad to have made it on good time @ KM 102. 17:20. Last year took me 17:17.

As planned, I didn’t stop there. Just logged my time and proceeded to the route.

I was already @ the intersection of Mendoza and McArthur Highway when the support vehicle came. I knew I have to eat now…as I have not taken in anything you can call a meal since KM 00.

Good thing: the crew got me an Arroz Caldo. Perfect!

After giving thanks to God (as I always do over anything I would eat and drink), I gobbled this one. But was able to take only half.

I also changed shoes.

KM 102 to the Finish – with my adidas ClimaCool Ride – no socks. Just some foot brace. Swollen blisters @ Left and Right.

KM 60 to 102 with my adidas Supernova Glide II – XTR socks.

KM 00 to 60 with my AdiStar Salvation – Gold Toe socks.

So much for the shoes and socks partnership. It was really a painful blister.

@KM 110 I think…I took off my shoes. Changed into my slippers.

I wasted a lot of time thinking…and fighting off the urge to sleep.

Then Argo, Rodel Cuaton called. He is overseas! šŸ™‚ I can’t remember what he said but I take it as a message.

At almost the same time, Roselle – The Running Diva messaged me too – to keep moving forward.

So I changed back to my shoes – without the socks but maintained the foot brace.

Made up my mind after a short prayer: This has to be done. And I have to do it. Never mind the pain. Will try to do what I can and let God take over.

I wasted over 2 hours.

I think I was left with 7 hours to cut-off while we are 40K away.

What to do? RUN. Minimal Stop. Power Nap/Rest. Run for as long as can be maintained.

My only pacer from KM 102, CJ Paran aka Secretariat Runner says:

When we started running lahat ng dinaanan nain last year ay ipinapaalala ko sa kaniya to gave him strength to finish the race and I know it really works for him sapagkat ang time sa lugar na mga iyo na aming tinitigilan ay mahaba pa ang oras para matapos ang routeā€¦.but dumating na iyong time na talagang antok na si Coach mar at need na matulogā€¦he sleep in the car about 15minutes (sayang na naman yung timeā€¦LOLS)ā€¦..we make nap pa nga sa gilid ng kalsada but lahat ng tulog at idlip niya ang kapalit ay takbo (bawal ang lakad..LOLsā€¦para mabawi ang nasayang na time)ā€¦

He also related:

At nakita k okay Coach Mar ang determination to finish the route within the cut-off time and get the buckleā€¦There are times na din kami humihinto sa support vehicle and we continue runningā€¦.

And added:

When we reached the Capas Tarlac ay lalong uminit (eh solared power ā€¦itong si Coach marā€¦.lalo pang lumakasā€¦ako na ang nahihirapan sa paghabol)ā€¦His family also give nore strentht to finish the race and get the buckleā€¦

It was really the hardest run of my life.

I ignored the pain. I focused my mind into getting myself as fast as I could in the finish line.

Never mind the heat. Never mind the pain. Never mind the route. Just Run!

Nice shot by Carmeli Ortega!

Nice Shot by Enrico Caramay!

Sweet Revenge. Smooth Finish. šŸ™‚

Where to now? šŸ™‚

NOTE: This is just a PART I of the whole story.


14 thoughts on “I ran 161 kilometers and went home with the buckle…

  1. congrats coach! your an inspiration to running & to life. we can really learn a lot of things in running, not just a sport, that is very applicable in life. God bless you. continue running & being an inspiration. see you soon.

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