Official Result Adjusted

From the Race Director’s Blog:

Runner’s Mistake & Omission

While I was trying to inspect and collate the “split times” of all the runners and finishers in every Time Station along the route, I discovered that ONE FINISHER did not pass through the “Km Post #118″ turn-around. He made a wrong turn directly to the Capas National Shrine, instead of running the last 10-kilometer stretch of the route.

I immediately advised the concerned runner that he is officially declared as DNF in the race; his name to be removed from the Official Result; to return all the Finisher’s Swags given to him at the Finish Line; and informed him that it is the runner’s responsibility to know and find out the actual route of the race.

This road race is already on its SECOND EDITION and a proper FINAL BRIEFING was conducted prior to the race, thus, runners are fully aware of the actual route of the event!

In view of this incident, all FINISHERS from 35th Place to the last place are advised to bring their respective Finisher’s Medal at the Awarding Ceremony & Get Together Party so that proper adjustment will be made on the proper rankings of recipients for the 2012 BDM 160 Finisher’s Medal.


2 thoughts on “Official Result Adjusted

    1. You cannot . No one is allowed to make a mistake in an ultramarathon this long. 🙂

      YOu should know the route. YOu should run/walk the entire distance.

      Honest mistake is not an excuse.

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