PUMA AXIS – on Review

So far, after a few runs with the new shoe:

  • very nice cushioning. you can actually feel the soft cushioning while walking or running.
  • for a neutral pronator, like me, this shoe works just fine.
  • aside from it’s nice look, i like the wide toe box.

We’d find out more when or where or what hotspots will (if ever) develop, and some more. Soon, we will find out. After a few more runs, at different distances.

  • Enough firm cushioning to protect your body from impact forces?
  • A supportive shoe that bends at the forefoot, not at the arch?
  • A comfortable shoe with a superb balance of cushioning and support?
  • A well-cushioned lightweight shoe with a touch of stability?
  • A light, well-cushioned platform and an upper that’s snugly holds the instep?
  • A light and comfortable trainer with moderate cushioning and support?
  • A stable ride that isn’t too soft or too heavy?
  • A shoe that feels barely there yet provides balanced cushioning?



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