IN Other News #002

4th BDM 102 Race Result is here >>> CLICK

186 started, 160 finished within the 18-hour cut-off. I will personally recognize here in my blog those who are not in the official result. They ran the full 102K route too. They shared the same heat, and dirt and dust. They have lots of stories to tell on why they come short of the time. To me, they are FINISHERS just like all the others. I believe they should be recognized too.

Major Teresa Gangan

Richard "BOO" Toledo

Stephanie Hefti

Yan Dizon

Cindy Sevilla w/ Reginald Santos

Brandy Simbe

Jing Guerrero

Nathaniel Domingo

To those who are not listed here, please feel free to inform me.

(Thanks Zaldy!)

(Thanks Mr. Nathaniel Domingo!)

Series of 2012 © mar marilag

10 thoughts on “IN Other News #002

  1. Hi Mar,

    Thanks for recognizing those runners who finished the race after the 18 hours cut-off. Despite the injuries i suffered e.g. cramps at KM 17 and blisters at KM 70+, i managed to finished the race with the time of 18:26 hrs and placed no. 165 in the list of the marshal.

    Well, it’s not my time now!…..and need to comeback next year for the vengeance run – the 5th BDM 2013.

    Thanks a lot.

    Nathaniel Domingo

      1. Now a friend of mine and Team mate from TEAM BORING got a picture of you! We were the ones clapping and shouting at the side for all the in-coming runners beyond cut-off.

  2. Mar, Thanks a lot for posting my pics. Yes, i remember a group of runners and support crew cheering while I approach the finish line. To them, Thanks a lot!

  3. Mar, Thank you very much. I’ll definitely do BDM 2013. ‘Till our next ULTRA Road/Trail Run.

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