…of these people. They are my friends, and they are my team-BORING-mates!

Wait…let me re-phrase!

They ran and never gave up! Well, some did (oops!).

These guys tested their own will-power.

scene one
scene two
scene three
Dave Buban

BORED and ready to cry!

scene one
scene two (near the finish line)
Rod Apolinario

Even the heavens cried!

We have no idea about how they actually felt. What we do know is that they have gone thru a lot of pain – and pushed themselves forward until it’s finished.

Both of the above runners missed the cut-off by no more than 1 hour and 30 ++ minutes.

These guys rock! I feel for them. I know how it is. I am well aware of what they must have gone thru.


Official Finishers as follows:

29 Ma. Aleth Reblora (Female, 2nd) 14:15:40
30 Francisco Delmo 14:19:44
40 Camilo Paran 15:05:39
60 Joey Baladad 15:48:07
119 Paolo Tambo 17:21:57
137 Victor Viola 17:35:17
140 Jose Arthuro Virata 17:39:01
143 Leo Tugade 17:39:15


Major Teresa Gangan

See the time? Isn’t that worth capturing? You’d never understand how it is to finish a very long race and miss the time by a few minutes …

scene one
richard is boo

A finish short of time. A proposal. A celebration. No wonder WE are called crazy…

sun is still up
Yan Dizon
Yan and Rona (the sisters) *sniff* sniff* sniff*

It’s boring, yes. It’s melo-dramatic. It’s an ultramarathon!

dark already (obviously)
Cindy Sevilla and Rej Santos

Despite the time – you can all see the happy face. πŸ™‚

3 Sadly declared a DNF. All for the sake of their good health – and we respect them for that.

I respect all and everybody else who officially finished – whether fast or slow, but I do shout a big respect and admiration to the people listed above and all those who pushed themselves to finish despite of many things.

I must reiterate.

They ran the same distance. We all started at KM 00. They finished where everybody finished too.

They missed the cut-off, yes.

But they too deserve to celebrate. Sans the banner…sans the medal…sans the trophy…sans the RD…sans the crowd.

We are! πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “I am PROUD

  1. Great account coach! Congratulations to all who finished BDM102/160 and tried, you can always fight another day (or after a year for that matter…). I am proud to be TEAM BORING. πŸ™‚

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