IN Other News #005

Counting my long distance inventory, I noticed how slow I have been piling up my long distance races.

Imagine, to-date, I only have 12 marathons -and no marathon yet for 2012, and 12 ultramarathons! So few! LOLz


ANR – MOA resumes it’s session tomorrow night. 7:30pm. @ Bayshore corner Seaside Avenue. MOA grounds.

Nice picture, eh? 🙂


Last time, in 2010, this event started at 5am. 116 started but 104 finishes only. My time to beat is 7 hours 47 minutes and 50 seconds. I placed #75 back then.

There is a trip via Train to BICOL for the Mayon 360. See below:


Travesia is so near my parent’s house. 🙂 I used to bike around there to the market place.


Aleth on the left is 1st (Female) Runner Up for the 4th BDM 102K Ultramarathon.

Keshia on the right is Champion (Female) for the 2nd BDM 160K Ultramarathon.

Both are Bored members. 🙂

Congratulations, Ladies!


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