Month of April

…starts a new cycle of training for me.

After thorough research and info gathering around the net over my new training plan, I found it to be just as nice and wise as it should be:

  • it’s the right way to go
  • it’s injury free
  • it’s scientifically proven

I cooked it myself – having consulted my vast experience running. The principle was validated and tested against opinions and discussions among professional coaches.

Of course, this ones specific to me – to my type of running – specifically my pace and strategy.

  • I am a negative splitter.
  • I am not the typical fast guy.
  • I am comfortable with the run-rest-run pattern.
  • I am comfortable running under the heat.

This doesn’t mean it can’t apply to you. This also doesn’t mean that you can just copy what I have here.

Basically, the training would start with a base build-up for about 3 or 4 months depending on how consistent I will be. Take note that my body works on low mileage, high intensity work-outs, as opposed to the supposedly apparent idea of high mileage, low intensity one. The 4th or 5th month morphs into a base-LT training, which would include hills, pyramids and quarters on and off the track. I actually do like the roads better than the track oval. Yes, it’s a lot safer on a track, though.

Caveat: Training works well when combined with proper training nutrition, balanced sleeping pattern, and a healthy spirituality.

What do I get after these training?

  • More endurance.
  • Faster time.
  • Leaner body.

By God’s grace, I hope to accomplish all this.



One thought on “Month of April

  1. coach mar,

    can you send me an email sa zaldy_s(at)yahoo(dot)com

    so that I can send you po our press release for Magnolia Purewater Mayon 360 Albay Ultramarathon. Thank you.

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