IN Other News #010

"SUM" kind of a prize eh! Yummy!

For an aspiring BDM 102K runner, Mayon 360 is the best race to test your endurance, and long distance capability. It’s the nearest distance to 102K that can really test your limit and almost mimic the same “hot” condition you’d be experiencing.

Of course, with all due respect to those who can finish a 50K, like T2N in less than 7 hours, or the Tanay 50K in less than 9 hours.

The conversation between this small group is something worth remembering. 🙂 Don't forget, Doc Sherwin! 🙂

That would be yours truly, Bong Alindada (covered), Doc Sherwin, Totoy (naka.side view) and Ronnel Go (peaking at something).

This picture via Bong Alindada's camera is very nice to look at. I like the view a lot. And the fact that at this point of the race, we have a short distance left to cover - rolling. 🙂




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