IN Other News #013

My racing weights averaged 63kgs.

My recovery ultramarathon is Tanay 50K where I ran at my heaviest @ 68kgs.

Here’s the shocker: I now weigh (as of this writing) 74kgs!.

Unbelievable,, but true!

ImageOf course it’s a big deal for me. I need to shape up…


and there’s more!

I haven’t figured out yet how I will go to Legaspi. 🙂 Lot’s of choices.



It’s a go! 🙂 Looking forward to this one.

Missed a lot of runs:

  • Visita Iglesia of Team MOA and Team Boring
  • 10K planned run last Wednesday
  • Secret Training ground this coming Sunday

Work gets in the way…and some family activities.





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