On Worrying


A lot of runners worry too much over everything.

Here’s what I suggest you do when you are invited to worry from head to toe.

  1. Don’t. Image
  2. by worrying, can you change the situation?

It’s cool enough to educate oneself about the risk of running – short or long distance. But the borderline between a calculated risk and too much worry is just too thin.

Let’s explore this idea more.


  • This is something you should keep a good watch at. What enters your mind is not all junk. But not everything in your mind is believable too.
  • Your focus should be in the present. Your hope in the future. Leave the past behind – it’s there only for reminiscing.
  • Scrutinize your own worry as opposed to fears. They are not the same thing. They cannot be addressed as the same too.


  • it’s the one that carries your head. it’s supposed to be strong enough. Yes, that simple.


  • like your core, this requires to be strong too. a lot of available info re strengthening exercises and drills over the net may be found.


  • this is the part of our body that’s directly hitting the ground – that means carrying everything above it. Don’t you know that you should strengthen it too?
  • Regardless of footstrike – which you should be able to comprehend – your running greatly depends on how comfortable you are on your feet. You should start worrying when you can’t tolerate the pain anymore.

Overall – the issue is all about strength. Worry when you are:

  • not training and you are racing
  • not strong enough for the distance you choose
  • not in any good condition (mind/body and soul) to face the challenge.



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