Tough Shoes: Where art thou?

Funny as it may sound, but it’s a pocket-serious question for an ultrarunner – who used up a lot of shoes in a span of only many months. Allow me to feature my tough shoes…and possibly introduce yours on the side.

As a backgrounder, there’s a great number of runners these days. While only a few is into the hardcore long run aka ULTRARUNNING, in contrast, there is also a great big number of runners who follow these hardcore ones. Ok…that’s a jumbled thought but regardless of the number, ultrarunners require a bit more of their (our) shoes.

  • Durability
  • Durability
  • Durability

That’s just the top 3. Why? Because ultrarunners train a lot. Well maybe not that much – but intensely. Maybe not that intense – but very long. Maybe not that long – but on a rough trail. Maybe not that rough – but never ONLY on a pavement.

I, for one have brick and marble in my playground aside from the usual asphalt and concrete. Wearing a shoe that is a “no-slip” is a must. Like the rest of you guys, I use what I have…and hope to God that my pick will not be a mistake come race day and/or training.

Before I list down my shoes, I think it best if you’d get a peak at how much I run. See here.

If you did take a peek at my runs, you will find that obviously, I require a tough shoe – one that can endure long runs – though not necessarily intense. I also do trail runs – and that is a different matter – shoe wise.

I run with a shoe I am comfortable with. I am not into fashion running…LOL. I use a shoe that I think would see me through the whole course of the run or race. When in doubt, I bring an extra – but not always. I have a forefoot strike and I run well with a stabilty shoes that has a wide toe box. If a shoe is worth taking to a long run – I test them. When I am satisfied, I use them on Ultra races. Yes, that simple.

So what do I have? peek @ the long ones here

For Marathons:

  • NIKE Pegasus +25 Bowerman Series
  • NEWTON Racer
  • ADIDAS Adistar Salvation

For Ultramarathons:

  • NIKE Pegasus +25 Bowerman Series (Finished my 1st BDM 102, T2N 50K, Tanay 50K, Nuvali Trail 57K)
  • ADIDAS Adistar Salvation (used twice to finish BDM 160, 1st and 2nd Mayon 360 50-miles)
  • ADIDAS Supernova Glide 2 (BDM 160 and F2D 60K)
  • ANTA Running Shoes (used once to test if it really can endure a 70K run  PAU P2P)
  • MIZUNO Wave Prophecy (used once @ T2N 50K as a test run)
  • ADIDAS Climacool (BDM 160 and PAU Tanay 50K)

Special note:

  • I get blisters when it rains. Regardless of the shoe, except for ONE – the NEWTON Racer.
  • I have lots of shoes – which is the very reason why they also have extended lives. Imagine if you run as much as I do with only one (1) shoe.
  • NIKE Pegasus retired after I finished the Nuvali trail. The soles gave out. 🙂
  • During the 1st BDM 160K I used in a span of about 20K my ADIDAS F50 Racer, but finished in my Adistar Salvation.
  • I finished the 2nd BDM 160K in my ADIDAS Climacool starting from KM 102. Hence, I used it again in Tanay 50K.
  • I test my shoes up to the farthest possible distance. If you see me wear a new one – they are all for testing. 🙂 Thanks to the many sponsors.
  • I am not a fast runner. I will always just finish within the cut-off – generally speaking.

Details from my DailyMile account.


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