My very first Race:

Runrio Trilogy Leg 3 – 5km – time: 27:28

The reason why I run:

in 2010 i was diagnosed of having a high cholesterol level and obese, and our company doctor challenged me that if i will not changed my lifestyle i will not be able to see my children grow, and that opened my eyes to embrace a healthy lifestyle not just for myself but most of all for my family.  So from 180 lbs in 2010 to 154 lbs now and from having a high cholesterol level two years ago, my cholesterol level now is below average. So basically im doing this for my FAMILY especially my kids.

My most memorable race:

Alaska family run (may 7, 2011) this is a memorable run for me not because i registered my best time or a podium finisher but because i run this event together with my son …
father and son

My Best Time in a Marathon:

5:02:07 (the bull runner dream marathon – march 18, 2012)

Running Statistics – Marathon vs Ultra:

2 marathons (MILO and TBR dream marathon)

4 ultras (2nd T2N ultramarathon , 2nd Tanay 50k ultramarathon, Mayon 360 50-miler and 3rd T2N ultramarathon)
Difference between marathon and 50k
For me, (based on my experience ) the physical preparation for marathon and 50k ultra is almost the same, u need to run at least 40K every week, you need to strengthen your upper and lower body  and at the same time do core workouts. The only difference in preparation for ultra races is that you have to psych yourself that you can run/finish the next 8km. ‘coz i think ultra races does not only required you to have a physically fit body but also to be mentally tough.
just like any races, you need to know how to pace yourself.  but for me doing an ultra is more fulfilling than marathon because you know that you have pushed yourself to the limit. And although ultra is more challenging and tough than marathon, the camaraderie and friendship in ultra is more desirable.
Last 5 most recent races:
  • March 4, 2012 – RU1 21K 2:08:31
  • March 18, 2012 – TBR Marathon 5:02:45
  • March 25, 2012 – 2nd Tanay 50K Ultramarathon 7:09:54
  • April 21, 2012 – Mayon 50 Miler International Ultramarathon 12:59:32
  • May 20, 2012 – 3rd T2N 50K Ultramarathon 7:17:52
@ Tanay 50K

Team Affiliation:

Team MOA

..and Ronald is just the first of the many ultrarunners who will be featured in this blog.

The man has grown to be strong – literally – just looking at his finish time and the distance he finishes. A family man like yours truly, this guy takes his stuff seriously.

A Team MOA regular, this guy works 8 to 5. It will make you wonder how he manages the time for training when he works in Malate and goes home in Laguna.

A salute to a great guy.


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