Daphne Rose T.  Codilla

My very first Race:

       I can still remember that Sunday night 2 years ago, a week before my birthday. Guns start set at 9pm but they released the 5k runners at 10pm. I run the route and after crossing the finish line head back to our office, sat at my station in my full running (sweaty) gear, logged in and started taking in phone calls for our clients.

The reason why I run:

Running is, was and always will be a means of healing for me.  It got me through heartbreak, boredom, and all of the trials that comes with becoming an adult. Our races makes us realize that pain is temporary, that you can go about twice as far as you first thought you could and it taught us that even when everything is going wrong it is possible to be strong.
For me there’s something magical about it. It’s the best cure for a bad day/week (I’m a weekend warrior). If I’m in the point of crying because of stress or disappointment, I lace up and took it to the streets. I find it very hard to cry and run at the same time so I just focus on running (mulling over the issue in my head) than wasting my tears being a cry baby.
Running is what gets inside me; it’s what lights me up.

My most memorable race:

Every race is memorable but 2011 Corregidor International Half-Marathon tops the list.  It’s a race that I really looked forward to joining. I remember doing rounds at CCP after work just so I could get myself ready for the race. I did what I could just to make the time. I’ve heard the terrain is nasty and I don’t want to die out there. But what makes this race memorable is that I have really raced in this one. Competitive mode: ON. I have pushed myself harder than before. I was taken aback as well with the desire of the runner within me to get ahead the other runners. I knew I’m not going to get a PR but race I did. I didn’t pay attention to the pain and it all paid off in the end. I went home with the title CIHM’s 2011 1st runner up for female category (1st Princess of the Rock) finishing 54 seconds ahead of the runner next to me. It made me feel proud of myself for not giving up on the challenging route. It made me realize that I am a strong woman.

My Best Time in a Marathon:

simply awesome

It was a literal “best time” given that this race is not planned. It was raining free race kits then (and I don’t know why we picked the 42k distance). Aside from that I was coming from a very loooong day. Friday night at work then joined Team USB for their Senden Charity Project the whole Saturday. I remember arriving at our house around 11pm. I prepared my gear and took a nap for 2 hours. I felt very, very dizzy during my commute from Cavite City to Quezon City but thankful that I arrived in time for the race. God sent me his angels (and they flew me to the finish line)

Running Statistics – Marathon vs Ultra:

Current stats:
•       2011 Milo Marathon Eliminations
•       2011 Quezon City International Marathon
•       2012 Condura Skyway Marathon
•       Valley Trail Challenge (57k)
•       2nd Tagaytay-Nasugbu (50k)
•       Fatass 2012 – 12-hour category (61.6k)
•       2nd PAU Tanay (50k)
•       Mayon 360 Ultramarathon (80k)
•       3nd Tagaytay-Nasugbu (50k)
When I was new to the sport I’ve dreamed of crossing the finish line of a marathon race. It was my goal, my finish line (I haven’t bumped into ultra yet at that time). So as I move up to longer distance races I always remind myself that giving up is not an option or I should just stop dreaming of crossing that marathon finish line. Surprises came along the way though. I covered a 57k race 6 weeks before my first marathon.
My training (if you can call it one, lol!) consists of my long run on weekends and my races. I utilize the time if I have it but if I can’t run on weekends due to work load or over-fatigue from the week that was, I call it off and prioritize rest of course. For the marathon our house to SM Bacoor route served just fine but for the ultra races I had to come up with something more intense. I joined LSD’s and participated in races that cover long distances to expose my body to the fatigue. On actual racing the 8 kilometers really makes a big difference. One is already running in dead tired legs by that time. Believe me. I’ve been there six times. Lol! So if you don’t want to prolong the agony for the next 8 kilometers don’t just train for your races. Train hard.

Last 5 most recent races:

•       Takbo Para sa Banahaw (24k)
•       2nd PAU Tanay (50k)
•       Mayon 360 Ultramarathon (80k)
•       Forbes Park Earth Run Buddy Run (10k)
•       3nd Tagaytay-Nasugbu (50k)

Team Affiliation:

I’m a proud member of Team Moa.

If you are wondering about Daphne’s time on her listed recent races, you’d be surprised to be informed that she is fast. Official result for the 2nd PAU Tanay 50 held last March 25 shows her at the top. Yes, female champion for the 50K. Wait! There’s more! Official result for the 3rd PAU T2N 50 held last May 20 shows her at the top again! She’s the 3rd woman to cross the finish line! For the Mayon 360 50-miler, she clocked at an amazing time of  11 hours 47 minutes flat. Yes, I call that amazing. It’s more than just 80 kilometers and it rained and the sun scorched us and it rained again and again and again alternating the turn with the sun. LOL. She may just be shy but she’s a very strong runner.  She also wants to tell all you aspiring long distance runner to prepare and train well for your events.

On top of her medal collection
This is her buddy. I will not tell you if they won or not.

A salute to a great gal. 🙂


6 thoughts on “FEATURED ULTRARUNNER #2

  1. it’s refreshing to read your story here, daph! at least i get a glimpse of your life now, even though we’re far from each other. i miss you! i hope we see each other again soon, and maybe (just maybe) you’ll inspire me to run as well. a salute to you!

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