My very first race:

Earth Day Run May 31, 2009 at McKinley Hills, Taguig City. I got curious about this advert of a fun run sponsored by ETC 2nd Avenue on TV so I just decided to inquire and sign up for the race. And the rest was history…
My Best time in a marathon:
Summit Water CamSur Marathon September 26, 2011; Official time: 04:19:22
Running Statistics – Marathon vs Ultra:
5 Marathons:
  1. Condura Skyway Marathons (2011 & 2012)
  2. CamSur Marathon (2011)
  3. Milo Manila Elimination (2011)
  4. Singapore Marathon (2011).
6 ultramarathons:
  1. The Valley Trail Challenge (2011)
  2. PAU 60K Fort Magsaysay Ultra Marathon Challenge
  3. PAU 65K Western Pangasinan Ultra Run,
  4. 2nd PAU 50K T2N Run
  5. 4th BDM102 (2012).
  6. Fatass 2012 12-hours category

The reason why I run:

Since I didn’t have the luxury before go to the gym for some much-needed exercise, I tried to look for a sport that is ‘cheap’ and flexible to my work schedule. I worked at a call center before and it was hard to find time in between to hit the gym and work out. So, I found running to be very flexible with my job. I can easily do a short run around Makati CBD late in the evening to put in some mileage. All you need is to lace up and hit the road until you’ve hit your target for the day.
In your opinion, what’s the big difference between Marathon and a 50K ultra in terms of Preparation and Actual Racing?

In my own opinion, there isn’t much difference between preparing for a marathon and a 50K ultra marathon. I try to do 40-60km/week of mileage of running for both races. Though for marathons, I might include some speed training and interval & tempo runs with restday in between. For ultramarathon, I try to do back to back LSD runs or 2 consecutive days of running before resting. It helps my muscles get used to fatigue.
During the actual race, in my opinion, I find full marathons to be in a controlled environment though I’m not looking at it to be easier than an ultramarathon. There are kilometer markers on the route, well-wishers around, marshals/traffic enforcers to guide runners, you have a lot of runner all around that can help/pace with you during the race and of course, water/aid stations every 3-4 kms. For me, ultramarathon is more of a mental game/race since there are factors you have to take into consideration like support crew stops, hydration & nutritional intake, focus on incoming traffic if it’s a road ultra or terrain if it’s a trail ultra. Everything has its difference as well but with ultramarathon composing of about 10-20% of the total participants to full marathons, the friendship and camaraderie in this small community puts it to the top of my list.

What is your most memorable race, and why?

The most memorable race for me was the 2012 edition of Bataan Death March – 102K Ultramarathon. Ever since I started running, my ultimate goal was to be able to try and finish BDM102. Well, everyone always says that there is always 160K edition also to aim for after that. For me, it was definitely a test of ones strength, capability and will to finish the race. It was also a race that I had full support from my fiancé, Ana along with 2 of my closest friends in the ultra running community, Keisha and Bong, & of course my Team Boring family. It was definitely, by far, the most memorable race for me.

@ the BDM 102K finish line with the RD
The BDM 102 Support Crew
5 Most recent races:
12.04.11 Standard Charter Singapore Marathon – 42K
01.07.12 Fat Ass 12hr Category – 57K
02.05.12 Condura Skyway Marathon – 42k
03.03.12 4th Bataan Death March Ultramarathon – 102K
04.29.12 Hyundai: Run For A Cause – 10K

Team Affiliation:

Team Boring

Kokoy is one fast runner who never brags about his time. He finished BDM 102 in 30th place. See here.  @ the 2nd PAU T2N, he clocked @ 5:47:37 placing 40th. He also finished in Sub 10 hours the hard route of Fort Magsaysay to Dingalan, Aurora – the PAU Fort Magsaysay 60K. To date, he is one of the fastest runners of Team Boring. Also, one of the humble ones. I give high respect to people who trains properly, and sticks to that training with so much discipline. Here’s one guy who will not enter a race unprepared.

A salute to a great guy! 🙂

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