Wesley Noel S. Oraña

My very first race:

1st ever Race joined: Globe Run for Home 2010 5K (36mins blah)

First Race to 42K

The reason why I run:

Late 2009 I experienced the plateau stage in working out and lack of discipline diverted me to heavy drinking and smoking with co-workers from the BPO industry, with a tough graveyard shift this resulted to uncontrolled appetite bloating to 202 lbs. Those Facebook photos of my cousin ultra runner JP Bautista convinced me to try the sport as sort of alternative and jumpstart so I can get back to the gym again. I used to call fun run as marathon when friends invited and registered me on the 5K category. LOL (hey it’s an honest mistake ok! hehe)

My Best time in a marathon:

Best Time for a Marathon: 5 hours 6 mins

Running Statistics – Marathon vs Ultra:


  1. 2nd Quezon City International Marathon(2010)
  2. 35th Milo Marathon Manila Elims 2011
  3. CamSur Marathon 2011
  4. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2011
  5. Condura Skyway Marathon 2011

 Ultra Marathons

  1. 1st PAU Tagaytay – Nasugbu 50K 2010
  2. PAU Fort Magsaysay Ultra Marathon 60K 2011 (cover picture)
  3. PAU Western Pangasinan Ultra Marathon 65K 2011
  4. 2nd PAU Tagaytay – Nasugbu 50K 2011
  5. Bataan Death March Test Run 50K 2011
  6. 2012 Bataan Death March 102

50K Ultra vs Marathon? 4 factors I consider:

  • nutrition

in a 50K, a good support system is a must

  • route

it’s an open road traffic (accident wise) vs the closed ones – race cones and tons of marshalls in a marathon.

  • psyche

if marathon takes preparedness after 30++ kms, in a 50K ultra its INSANITY. You can define yourself after 42kms…try it!

  • heat

J Heat, this is the part where a regular 42K race won’t offer.

What is your most memorable race, and why?

Bataan Death March 102KMs topped the charts for me. This foot race will change you to your core and I quote Sir Jonel Mendoza on this. Its damn true, take it or leave it. Paying tribute by literally running the actual death march route. The love for the sport, family, relationship, faith and history rolled into one big ultra race. A very unselfish race.

BDM 102K Starting Line with Team CB
@ the BDM 102K Finish Line
With “the” RD

5 Most recent races:

  1. Runrio Run United 2 21K June 2012
  2. BDM 102 March 2012
  3. Don Bosco Run 5K 2012
  4. Condura Skyway Marathon 42K 2012
  5. BDM Test Run 50K Jan 2012

Team Affiliation/(s):

Team CB and Six: 30 Running Group

Team CB @ Fort Magsaysay
six:30 Running Group

Here’s another fine example of someone who never gives up on a race – no matter how long. I was there when he crossed the BDM 102K finish line with his team CB-mates. I was also a witness to his enduring run @ the Fort Magsaysay to Dingalan, Aurora 60K ultramarathon. The heat is a big factor in any ultra event. Of course, NOT, when it rains. But this guy is tough. Don’t expect him to stop when the sun is up. Don’t expect him to slow down when the sun is gone.

In one of our memorable training runs inside the Team Boring’s training ground somewhere outside metro manila…:) Wesley in Red. Yours truly in Yellow.

A salute to a great guy!

4 thoughts on “FEATURED ULTRARUNNER #5

  1. I first met this guy doon sa 30K Tanay ng Team Boaring where 70+ shared the rain and terrain. Since then, di n ata tumigil sa Ultra? Go papi Wes!! Sna maulit ang Boring Tanay .

  2. Yan si idoL! 🙂 I remember you in PAU60k Fort Magsaysay 2011… that ultra marathon took a lot from you but you never gave up! You got back on your feet and finished it strong! You’re one tough dude! Cheers to you bro! See you soon on the next ultra event. 🙂 Nice write up again Coach! Abangan ang susunod na… jogger? =P

  3. salamat ng marami Marter Mar. this is what i get for being a loyal reader of your site after my first 5K 🙂 ung mga nagcomment sa taas, mga idol ko at inspirasyon para tumakbo pa 🙂 Mabuhay kayo mga papi 🙂

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