A humbling experience

1st Loop @ the 2nd Nuvali Trail Challenge via My Track Android Application

30.78Kms in 5 hours 14 minutes

(11 seconds off per KM pace)

Special shout out to Abet Henson for the life saving water!

2nd Loop…cut short.

5.45Kms took me 1 hour and 18

I did took a rest to assess and decide.

Walked with all my might until the road is found – where the motorized guards are.

Thanks to Guard Macario for driving me to the Finish Line.

Thanks to Neph Baesa for alerting the guards about my condition.

Special shout out to Jeje Ajusto for the life saving water #whileiamresting

No excuses. Just some good reason for a wise decision – to quit a.k.a DNF while I am still able to think clearly and still move slowly.


  • I am really not prepared – and I know it before I even started to walk
  • I tried my best – yes, I did
  • Went out of pace – too bad
  • Swollen feet – hurts a lot
  • Salts all over my legs – unusual for me
  • Cramps (not side stitch) on the left and right upper abs – very painful
  • Not enough water for drinking and dousing – a conspiracy with the sun
  • Muddy and mushy and squishy trail – slowed me down a lot
  • I vomitted 3x – which made me decide to do it

Lesson learned:

  1. Know exactly when to push further and when to call it quits. When it’s a matter of detriment to your own health – think wisely.
  2. I can jump long. 🙂 painful impact – but impossibly nice.
  3. Hindi lahat ng malambot ay lupa #sanewzealand
  4. Do not incriminate thyself. However, serve as a good example for the new ones.
  5. A humbling experience need not crush you to the ground. It’s a good experience to start with – pondering about things.
Thanks VENER ROLDAN for the lift going home! #picturebeforegunstart
masakit sa pwet ang makahiya
with Jill #habangnakatambaywaitingforthefinishers
with Mavic #whilewaitingtocleanmyself

Special shout out to Ronald Robles for sponsoring, and accomodating me in his house. 🙂 God bless you, Bro!

Rewarded myself with a delicious Chicharong Bulaklak Si Log for NICE TRY, and WISE DECISION.

One thought on “A humbling experience

  1. Sometimes, we retreat to run another day. It’s not always the speed, but the direction as well. Bawi nalang next time. 🙂

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