My very first race:

It was a kidney awareness run held at UP Diliman, I registered for a 5km distance with my buddy, I do remember the feeling up to now hahaha the gunstart was at 5:30am but we we’re there around 2am, aren’t we excited? 🙂 it took me 52 mins to finish my first 5km run, it was the most difficult work out I ever did, to the point that I cursed running at that time 🙂

My Best time in a marathon:

5hrs08mins @ The Condura Skyway Marathon,  Feb 5, 2012

Jerome in action

Running Statistics – Marathon vs Ultra: 4 – 7


  1. Condura Skyway Marathon February 2011
  2. Milo Marathon July 2011
  3. Quezon City International Marathon December 2011
  4. Condura Skyway Marathon February 2012


  1. Front Runners Nuvali Trail Challenge 57km June 2011
  2. Fort Magsaysay Nueva Ecija – Dingalan Aurora (PAU)60km July 2011
  3. Western Pangasinan C2S (PAU) 65km August 2011
  4. Tagaytay – Nasugbu ( PAU ) 50km September 2011
  5. Mayon 360 International Ultramarathon 80km April 2012
  6. Tagaytay – Nasugbu ( PAU ) 50km May 2012
  7. Front Runners Nuvali International Trail Challenge 51km July 2012

Fort Magsaysay
Western Pangasinan
Tagaytay – Nasugbu

The reason why I run:

Basically for losing weight. I never thought that running as a sport will lead me to the World of Marathons as well as Ultra Marathons. It started when I was bullied because i gained a lot of weight. I am actually a victim of BULLYING 🙂 I tried to go on a diet as well as hitting the gym for work outs but I never get the result i wanted so I took running seriously as an alternative to losing extra weight. With the help of my friends who pushed me to engage in this sport, I was able to trim down my weight from 80kg 2 years ago. Now i am 65kg lighter and I’m really satisfied with the fruit of my hardwork. I do believe that running can change a life, from a heavy drinker/partygoer now a proud Ultra runner. I am proud that i was able to encouraged friends to try running as a sport too, and hopefully they will engage ultra running as well 🙂

In your opinion, what’s the big difference between Marathon and a 50K ultra in terms of Preparation and Actual Racing?

Training :

Joining races as well as LSD’s for my Ultra, loading of multivitamins for body resistance.

Strategy :

When to run, when to walk and when to stop, i do always maximized my time especially when i race for an Ultra, though, it’s the same strategy when running a marathon but i normally strategize my races in an Ultra. Thanks God i able to beat the time within cut-off 🙂

On Race Day :

I would make it sure that i have rested properly, eat alot and as much as possible tried to apply my trainings. Running on a marathon is quiet different than running an Ultra. In marathon runners are more pampered, every 1.5km has a hydration stations, you have not to worry with the traffic since roads are closed, you have just to race against each runners. In Ultra, you have to be cautious since roads are open, no marshalls and no hydration stations in most races, your only source of strength are your support crews, crews from different runners, sari sari stores that sells drinks, and of course GOD for we know that without him we’re nothing. Ultra runners are more patient and accommodating. We, ultra runners cheer for each other 🙂 and are not whiners hehehe ( magagalit si Sir Jonel ), and that makes me love this sport.

What is your most memorable race, and why?

Every races i joined are memorable to me, whether its a short distance or long distance, whether i registered a new personal record or not because i know i gave my heart on it, but the Nuvali International Trail Challenge topped it all,i almost quit after the first loop of the race, due to lack of sleep, the muddy trail and the humidity. When i toed at the starting line i was 26hrs awake due to prior commitment. I remember some instances in the trail that i walked dead, i was very sleepy at that time, so i always grabbed an ice and put it on my head to bring back my senses and try to keep on moving and moving. I reached  the finish line at 8hrs and 55mins, what an awesome finish for a sleepy head :).

5 Most recent races:

Nuvali International Trail Challenge 51km July 2012
Run United 2 10km June 2012
T2N PAU Races 50km  May 2012
Mayon 360 International Ultramarathon  80km April 2012
Condura Skyway Marathon February 2012

Team Affiliation/(s):

Team Breathe Hope
Team MOA #in 1 of ANR Session
Team MOA #one of the originals

I’ve known Jerome for quite some time now.

From ANR MOA (Jerome, Yours truly, Master Cindy)
Slight Scrumble with the MOA Boys and little FAST Cute Lady
Pacer during my 1st BDM 160K Ultramarathon 2011
Simple celebration @ the last 5K to the Finish Line. #1st BDM 160K
Breakfast @ McArthur Highway, in Dau, Mabalacat Pampanga
A friend of Team Boring
member of a trio 🙂
Supporter of Team Boring @ 2nd BDM 160K 2012
Duet with Trio member Featured Ultrarunner #2

One of the few humble friends I have, and thankful for.

A salute to a great guy!



2 thoughts on “FEATURED ULTRARUNNER #8

  1. I met Jerome at PAU Western Pangasinan 65K, we were the sweepers along with LA Tomas! can never forget our last 12K. They pushed hard! Nice bro 🙂

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