My TRAINING FOR 2013‘s biggest event shall commence on August 1. It will be the training proper.

I already have prepared my TRAINING MIX.

The training plan is also ready.

By then, I will no longer accept clients for coaching – since I will be handling the ones I have now, and I will also be training. Time management is important.

So to all those undecided up to now, you have at least 10 days to decide. Email me at or send me sms.

I will have to alter my training for the biggest event. The volume and the intensity will greatly increase.

Training eats time. Coaching eats time. I have to manage my time too.

Preparation is key to almost anything.

I will be preparing myself. I will also be preparing you. 🙂

It’s a a win-win situation if handled right.

Time management.



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