Lots to Consider

Heard about the ARC Grand Slam event?

It’s a dream event for hardcore ultrarunners. Not that I consider myself as ONE, but that it’s an amazing feat worth the effort of, well, pondering about.

There’s just so much to consider about it.

  1. The Registration Fee. It’s the biggest consideration so far for me.
  2. The Body’s readiness for the multi-100 miler and the recovery for it. It’s really something that requires a lot of thought. Can anybody be able to recover that fast enough to be ready for the next in a span of how many days?
  3. The willing crew. Someone up to the challenge too.

Quoted from Jonel Mendoza:

ARC Slam. Nov 17- hardcore hundred miles cebu(road), december 15-taklang damulag 100 miles(trail), january 26-bataan death march 160(road) and february 23-hardcore hundred miles(trail). through the generous support of Joe Matias of A Runner’s Circle, the ARC Slam award will be given to any runner who officially finishes the 4 events in succession and whose name will be forever enshrined in arc’s wall of pinoy ultra fame. this is the only grand slam series this side of the ultra world. good luck all!

A closer look at the the event would be something like this.

  1. Hardcore 100-miles CEBU. A road race. But people from Manila will have to fly to Cebu first. Get some rest on a cheap motel, and hopefully get a support from there. Hmmm. This is November 17, 2012.
  2. Taklang Damulag 100-miles. A trail. And a hard one. Last year only 1 person finished this within the cut-off. Yes, it’s that hard. This is December 15, 2012 – a good 26 days after the Hardcore Cebu.
  3. Bataan Death March 160K. A road race. This is already easy to consider since I have done this twice. I already have the edge of experience. But the question is IF and ONLY IF, I could recover well and good after TD 100. This is January 26, 2013 – a good 41 days from TD 100.
  4. H1. Hardcore Hundred Miles. A trail. A new route. First of it’s kind up north. May be a familiar route to the KOTM participants, but new to me. This is February 23, 2012 – 26 days after BDM 160.

After my 2nd BDM 160K last January 28, 2012, I was able to run a 50K on March 25, and an 80K on April 21, 2012.

I think the ones who will go for this amazing slam will be the real strong ones.

We’ll see in the near future.


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