The 1st Great Bank Fun Run Race Review

July 21, 2012:

It was a rainy night coming from work. I need to go home and get my things and gear up for the race. I tried to steal a nap since I haven’t slept the night before. Lights out.

July 22, 2012:

Then the wife came…and the kids. I stood up and cooked some thing for us. After a short-turned-to-long-chat, we go to bed.

Past 2am and we’re just going to bed…I need to be up by 3am. I already have set the alarm.

Minutes pass by.

An hour…

…and the alarm.

I quickly fixed myself.

Dressed up.

Hurriedly snatched my ultrarunning hydration pack (filled with nothing but dress and small things).

Grabbed the umbrella, and out of the house. 3:20am.

The rain just won’t stop.

I walked to where the buses are…and found no dry road to step at. There…running shoes dipped in flood water. 🙂 I picked the clearest I could find.

3:54am – the bus arrived. It’s headed to Gumaca.

4:13am – I am already at Alabang, Metropolis. That was fast!

4:48am – found the event site for BMAP’s The Great Bank Fun Run.

Standby for a while waiting for Titanium Runner.

Then he came with Estan, and Beep Beep and we saw Eric and we went to Gloria Jeans for a coffee. For me. 🙂

After the coffee, we went back to the starting line.

Program started.

Kikay runner lead the warm-up.

Count down started.

Gunstart @ 6:30am.

I started the usual. Slow.

I intend to jog and hold my pace until I am in the 2nd 5K. Success!

Slowly, I was able to speed up by the 6th to the 9th Km. I am already at top speed by the last Km to the finish line. Thank God!

It was not a super fast run but it was fast already for me. It was not a slow run but rather a controlled one.

Recorded via My Tracks, the route showed a 9.93K. I was able to stop my time after crossing the finish line in 1:00:48. See details below:

It was already a perfect race for me. For so many reasons.

  • COOL weather. No heavy run, No scorching sun. Slight drizzle.
  • CHALLENGING route. Noticeable character of the terrain = NICE. Rolling up and down. Some asphalt, some concrete.
  • NICE loot! The commemorative coin is something I look forward to!
  • WARM marshalls. They just don’t fail to shout out a GO!
  • WELL marked race route. No reason to get lost anywhere. The signages are enough.
  • WELL hydrated race. Water is available right where you ‘d need them.

So, after getting my water near the station at the finish line, I proceeded to find the finisher’s tent.

The Bib and the Commemorative Coin

After changing shirt, and bidding adieu my friends, I went to the fastest ride I can get – the train.

Cheap. Cold. Clean.

..and I thought I could go home fast.

I was at the train station by 8:35am. The sign says that the next train will leave (the train left as I approach the station) by 9:05am. A good 30 minutes of waiting is easy for me.

I even sat and waited with the rest.

While wasting time counting the people that come and go, I noticed the dirt on my shoes too. Poor thing. But reliable! and tough!


A couple more minutes passed and nothing came.

There. A delay. The train arrived at 9:20am, and it’s not in a good condition somehow. We reached PACO station at 10:13am.

There goes my earlier thought of a fast ride. And the rain continued to pour hard as I walked home.

Still, thankful to God for the many blessings.

While the sky cries, my heart shouts for joy – having ran a good race, and gone home with a nice coin memento!

Mind you, the coin is a PURE NICKEL 10 peso coin that commemorates People Power Revolution of 1986.


Kudos to BMAP and Without Limits!


One thought on “The 1st Great Bank Fun Run Race Review

  1. Congrats Bro! nice blog. its really a great run medyo mabilis lng ako sau ng konti. i finished it @ 57 min base on my gps tracker.

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