Fastest Known Time @ Taclang Damulag.

CLICK Ter to SEE estimated elevation.

@the peak

@about 4:30am, I am already in Baliwag Transit Cubao. Browsing thru the buses and the signs, I asked a Conductor how fast the travel time would be if via SCTEX, and if not. The drop off point would only just be in Cabanatuan Crossing. I was told that it will take about 2 to 3 hours depending on the traffic. The catch however is that the bus will leave at 5:40am, if not 6:30am. That would mean I will be in Fort Magsaysay by roughly 8am if I will take any bus.

@5:11am, Ronnel Go texted me. I texted back and urged to meet him at Munoz so we could follow @ Fort Magsaysay. He is also looking at 8am as the fastest time we could be there.

@6:20am, we met @ 7-11 Munoz. And off we go to Fort Magsaysay via SCTEX. The trip took us forever. LOL

It was already near 9am when we get to the meet-up point in Fernandez Hills inside Fort Magsaysay. Sir Jovie and Madam Rowena came at almost the same time with Bong and Steph, and Danin too.

After a short while we were already at a near formal starting line of racing. 🙂 LOL

About 4 streams gave us no choice but to dip our shoes.

@ about 41 minutes from gunstart, we we’re already @ the peak.

It was a hard climb. You can tell by the heavy breathes…

sheds for resting…

By 1:13:02, after stopping my own clock recorded via My Track, I fnished. Can’t wait to see the official result and pictures!


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