Battery Test

I really think so…
That this coming Sunday’s BIG event wiil be a battery test for me. For some good reason:

  1. Last long ultra was April of 2012 – The Mayon 360 50-miler.
  2. Longest run before this event is a 36 kilometer  – @ the last week of June 2012.
  3. I’d be running on SELF-SUPPORT.
  4. I’d be commuting going to the event site. Thanks to Mr. Joseph Sibal!
  5. Worst case : I’d be commuting going back to home too.

Given everything, I’d have to put my faith to test again.

  • Complete trust in God, the Almighty One.

The test of will power is something I can handle. Even the endurance part  – something I will squeeze out of muscle memory. 🙂

The most challenging part is the run itself. (Duh!)

I intend to run a 42K first, with minimal rest – then leave my fate to God for the remaining 18 kilometers. Funny as it may seem, it is a calculated run. I cannot risk going over my pace. That would cause me painful cramps. I cannot also risk going too slow – the last part is the hardest.

Last time I was there was on the 16th of July 2011. I clocked @ 10 hours 27 minutes and 8 seconds. Cut-off is 11 hours. I hope and pray to God that I be able to finish within cut-off.

May the Lord’s guidance, protection and blessing be upon me in this race.

May God be glorified!



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