IN Other News #20

*** ++++ ***

Fort Magsaysay to Dingalan Ultra 2012 Female Champ Daphne Codilla did not expect to be the champ again. Yeah yeah…as usual. Lucky nanaman daw siya. 🙂
Congrats again, Daphne!

*** ++++ ***

So many freebies for me on this 60K 61K Ultramarathon. (RUNTASTIC accurately recorded the whole distance)

  • Free ride from North Ave. to Fort Magsaysay
  • Free ride from Dingalan to North Ave.
  • Free dinner too!

Thanks to Joseph Sibal! May the good Lord bless you more than you can ask for!

*** ++++ ***

Team USB kept me alive during the race. The iced water and sponge and small bites is more than any self-supporting runner can ask for. God bless you all! Oh yeah, the cold spray is just unforgettable!


*** ++++ ***

Doc Minnie’s support team alternated with Team USB’s. Thanks so much for everything. May the good Lord bless you ten folds! The cold sponge, gatorade, water and cold sponge sustained me to the finish. Yes, CHUCKIE at the last 2K is best!


*** ++++ ***

Many thanks also goes to Kharl Ocampo of Team Intensity.  God bless you more!

*** ++++ ***

Special thanks also to Sir Jovie Narcise. For the hard boiled egg and boiled saba! God bless you more!

*** ++++ ***

I wasn’t able to beat my time @ the 2nd Fort Magsaysay. I missed it for some bare 9 minutes only but I felt so fine. No cramps except for 1 twitch at the last turn to the finish. No blisters despite the rain. Felt happy crossing the finish line. Enjoyed the route once again for its great scenery. The fast walk with Stephanie changed everything as we trod the long long flats.

*** ++++ ***

Special SHOUT OUT of big thanks to Juvy Pagtalunan. The only Team Boring Mate supporter for me and Daphne. Well, she missed Daphne simply because she was too fast. Thanks so much, Juvs! For the water and gatorade and apple. God bless you a hundred fold!

*** ++++ ***

God is so good. I can’t ask for more. The weather is tolerable enough. Everything just seemed to happen so fast. I am glad. HE  provided for everything. 🙂
Praise to God Almighty!


2 thoughts on “IN Other News #20

  1. Congrats Master! really trying to take notes with self support stuff come Guimaras! battery tested kana talaga Master! Cheers! 🙂

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