All By God’s Grace

There’s just so much to be thankful for in this race. So much has happened. Let me go back to a few days before event day.

FRIDAY, 24th of August 2012

  • worked 8am to 5pm
  • went home and tried to take a nap but failed
  • passed 12 midnight, we are already in the venue for the weekly Intercessory night.

SATURDAY, 25th of August 2012

  • by 3am, the service is already done.
  • we just waited until about 4:30am before we left the place
  • I go directly to work. Duty is @ 6am.
  • Past 12noon, I was able to leave early to go home.
  • Tried my best to take a nap. Barely able to.
  • 5:10pm I am already @ a jeepney to Guadalupe MRT Station. Travel time took forever.
  • around 6:37pm, I was able to take a ride to North Ave Station. So many people. So much pushing.
  • Past 7pm, about 20 minutes more, I tried to locate the group
  • 8:37pm, we were already enjoying a rice meal at KFC NLEX.
  • Past 9pm, we are again moving to the race venue.
  • Traffic everywhere. We reached Fort Magsaysay @ past 12 midnight.

SUNDAY, 26th of August 2012

  • around 1am, I prepared everything I will carry.
  • @3:10am, Thanks to AARON for waking me up.
  • @3:57am – the race started.

I recorded my run via RUNTASTIC. The km-split from 1 to 61 is a sight to behold. 🙂 See the details below transfered to an excel file:

Simply put, the race went from a good up-down hill pace to a fast walk on flats and jog until the finish line. 🙂

God’s loving kindness flowed thru the following people, who provided for a lot of things any self-supporting runner would need:

  • Team USB – Michael Santos, Lawrence Arvin Tomas, Heidi Garcia, Ressie Mallari, Zarina Segundo, and Arvin David Quilloy
  • Team Intensity – Kharl Ocampo
  • Doc Minnie’s Support – Miko Sabado, Marjee Guysayko and Vann Denn Cruz
  • Team Boring – Juvy Pagtalunan
  • Sir Jovie Narcise

There wasn’t much problem at all.  No blisters. No cramps, except for that one twitch at the last turn to the finish line. I was perfectly fine after. The mix of the sun and rain is tolerable enough for a humid place.

One thing most notable though – the majestic view of the mountains!

All praise, and thanksgiving to God Almighty!

Snapshots below:

pormang takbo (pero walk yan) tiger look pa!
I stopped to take a picture of this too…
with TJ along the route
Finish Line
with Team Boring DAPHNE, JUVY, and me + Bob
on the way home 1
on the way home 2
Dinner @ Chic-boy. Bless you, Joseph Sibal!
results from BaldRunner’s site

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