For Your Own Sake

This is a special blog for my BDM aspiring friends – they, who will be running the classic race for the first time…

You have seen me do it. Once, if not twice. I would usually say that 102 is easy – for it is!


  1. You prepared well.
  2. You wanted it so much.
  3. You dream dreams about it and you get unlimited jitters about it.

Here’s the how:

  • Run long, and run a consistent run. Make time for a regular training routine keeping in mind that the most important run of the week is the very long run. Yes, it should be very long. SHOULD – not MUST. By LONG we mean more than a 42K and about as much as 80 kilometers in one run/walk. Yes, there’s no shame in walking if you can clock a good 6 kph. Take it from me because I am already giving it to you now. Of course, you can always refuse. 🙂 I have no problem with that.
  • Want it. Focus on the target. That caged-icon-of-white-huge-thumb-tacks. Never take your eyes on that. Yearn to see it. Keep moving forward and minimize stops and rest unless you feel some urgent un-ignorable pain. Do not copy my negative split style of running-til-my-lungs-burst in the last closing minutes of the race. Missing the 18:00:00:00 is not an option. You should be hugging the Race Director before the clock ticks at that.
  • Consider it a challenge when you dream about the race. 🙂 Why? Because it’s inside you and you must let it out. Jitters are normal. Sleepless nights are normal. Lack of appetite is normal. Missing the race is NOT. DNS is NOT.

We have more than 6 months from this date to the race day.  That’s ample time for anyone up to the challenge. Check your list. See if you have the following in your bag:

  • long run under the heat
  • open schedule for training – running long
  • lots of perseverance and patience
  • cash for the registration
  • cash for the crew and crew needs + yours
  • faith in God

All else not in here, PM me. Let’s discuss. You know that I want to see you finish on time. 🙂


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