@2:00AM, I fix myself to go to the race. Gunstart is 4:00AM. I was already in a jeepney when I noticed that I forgot the bib! There I was…

…running back home in full speed. And off again to a BGC.

About 30 minutes to go when I saw the other BORING guys. CJ and Bong and Kokoy. @ Near 10 minutes to start, we entered the pit. It was a drizzling morning. Wet road and cold wind.

I started a bit faster than planned. It was cold and wet indeed and I like it. Knowing my pace gave me a lot of comfort when I reached the Kalayaan Flyover. I was running at a good tempo.

I felt all the more energized when I reached Roxas Blvd. Yes, HOME COURT! I shouted…

See the result:

It was not my best time for a 21K but this one is COOL!

I was really looking forward to a 32K run.

Thanks, anyways, to co-BORED-mate CJ Paran Jr.

On my way home, I walked a good 3K from MOA. I felt pity for some crying runners I saw. I could feel their pain – but at the same time admired their perseverance to finish.

There’s nothing better than a good run. There’s nothing more to ask for when you get to run a good race.

Here’s a simple UNSOLICITED ADVICE to whomever it may apply:

It’s an investment you cannot underestimate. The learnings will always stay.

You can always be mentored by somebody, but a good coach can very well guide you to it.

Never mind the weather. Never mind the minor pain. Bliss comes to those who persevere!


See you in the next coming races.


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