Picking Flowers

It was just a sudden plan.

Met with the elite ultrarunner Daphne @ SM Bacoor for a run to Tagaytay. She thought we’d be starting there…but we took a bus.

By near 5am, we were already at McDonald’s Tagaytay.

After a a short breakfast, off we go to the direction of People’s Park.

A 6.97K run in 45 minutes 48 seconds. Highest Elevation is 672m, with 297m elevation gain. I was catching my breath here. Ave Pace here is 6 minutes 34 seconds per KM on a rolling hills with much inclines.

A 9.63K run in 1 hour 2 minutes 39 seconds. Highest Elevation is 744m. with 291m elevation gain. I was pushing myself hard to catch up with Daphne’s pace. She was just taking it easy. As I try to catch up with her, I am also trying to catch my breath. And here’s the funny part – she was just picking some flowers along the route. 🙂 LOL I would get to overtake her at downhills – but she would just overtake me too everytime we go up.  Ave Pace here is 6 minutes 30 seconds per KM over too many up and down hills.

Some view up the People’s Park:

Taken via FX Camera
Was cold up here! See the road that declines behind?

We took a stop at SF grocer to get some water.

After a short break that seemed too long, we crossed the street and head up to the direction of Nasugbu.

Perfect Find

It was a 5.01K run in 39 minutes 19 seconds. Ave Pace is 7 minutes 50 seconds. The route is mostly uphill. Highest elevation is 734m with 214m elevation gain. I felt a very heavy leg here until we passed by Mushroom Burger. The world seemed to stop and all I want is to eat. LOL. But we didn’t event stop to enter.

It was a 5.04K run to finish. I thought it will be faster because it was mostly a route that goes down. But I was forced to walk a few times.

We Averaged a Pace of 7 minutes 41 seconds per KM. We took time to have a picture too. Daphne was even egging me at going to Mahogany Market. I knew that if we did, we’d end up in a table somewhere there with a bowl of Bulalo – and scrap the last 5K out. LOL

elite ultrarunner Daphne
the forefoot jogger

We were just starving when we reached Olivarez Plaza. No stopping us now. We ate at KFC. LOL. Unable to find some good meal with soup or noodles.

Such fun here. Looking forward to DapDap’s killer hills next time. It’s a lot harder than Ligaya Drive.


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