Cry for Help

Before my time lapses, and the deadline for payment and confirmation beat me, I have to ask:

I really wanted to join this event. It’s the 1st and the longest of its kind. But honesty, I cannot afford it. I wanted to tell the truth without sounding like something else. I do not wish to ask in bad taste. I just needed help – financially – for this event.

I blogged before IF THE LORD IS WILLING. Miracles do happen. I just have to ask. 🙂 Seek the kind-hearted people (who happens to read my page) and knock on their hearts. What if there are willing givers? I wouldn’t want to miss on that. Peek at the event page.

The date is a bit tight. Confirmation deadline is near – as well as the date for paying the registration. I do not wish to repeat myself. I believe the Lord provides for everything – IF we are asking something ACCORDING to His will. Otherwise, nothing we do will gain us anything.

While I continually pray – and expect the Lord to heed my requests, I also submit everything to Him.

To a lot of people, a registration fee of P 3,000.00 is not much. 🙂 To me, and my loving wife – it’s too much! LOL 🙂 Don’t worry. We never fight. We do not argue on things like these. She politely declined me – and that’s worth smiling about. Not that I’m happy she declined – but simply because she knows I understand.

In trying times, we normally call to God. Not that we want to make Him SANTA of everything. I believe He knows my reason. God is Almighty. He is Lord of everything. He sees through our hearts. Nothing is hidden from His merciful eyes. Even this writing! 🙂

Let the hearts who felt God’s touch respond. 🙂

Let the Holy will of the Father be done.

Btw, here’s my account numbers:


SAVINGS ACCOUNT # 3407-0114-99



ACCOUNT # 1094-5230-1129


Thanks be to God Almighty!


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