Ordinary but Effective Ways of Doing Things

Today is the 4th day since the CM50 Clark-Miyamit 60K Trail Ultramarathon. Since Sunday night’s feast (gorging on whatever I like) up to this day, I have not done anything to follow my usual routine. Work-Run-Eat-Sleep-Eat-Errands-Run-Eat-Work. Surprisingly, I did not gain (as expected) nor lose any weight after this event. Maybe because of the yummy Peanut Butter and Nutella? LOLS

I am also not looking forward to any race this coming weekend (when I am registered to a Marathon). 🙂

Some worries are really not my worries. I do pick a time for worrying about anything (if and whenever I do). I do not just worry. I also do not just eat everything. I am so picky. I eat what I like – as much as I want to…and that’s what’s happening since Monday. FYI, my indicator for working out is when I feel bloated, and when I gain weight…

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