Ordinary but Effective Ways of Doing Things

I am specifically sharing this post to the young (not necessarily the age) and the new ones (not necessarily very new to running).

If you have already done a marathon, and is contemplating on going to the ultras – this is for you.

It wouldn’t matter if you are left or right handed. Running is all about moving forward. 🙂

With that in mind – you have to keep in mind a lot more things, to cite:

  • choose your poison well – 42K to 50K is a good bet. 42K to 60K is fine too but would depend a lot on your conditioning. 42K to 70K and 80K is doable but subject to many conditions. 42K to 102K is doable but subject to a good training and good conditioning.
  • train well and proper – learn to know when  to apply your pace, when to slow down, when to drink, when…

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