Ordinary Ways

You have prepared a lot for this. . .well, you tried.

Ready or not, I am sure that you will bravely stand in the starting line. I know full well and I understand your intent.

We all know that in this long distance race, the minimum pace is a very slow average of 11 minutes per kilometer.

You can do better than that…

Except – that it’s your first time and you have not gone running and walking more than 102 kms.

There – the unknown 58 kms, which is actually 59K. 🙂

Regardless of who I am, and what you have there, allow me to share some important keys to conquering this much distance.

  • Do not be so overconfident. Just be confident that you will finish this race no matter what. Along with that line comes enduring everything painful and hard – the heat, the hunger, the sleepiness and…

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