The adizero F50 Racer

I do have a lot of shoes.

In the past, I already mentioned that this particular shoe is my favorite – and it still is!

Compared to the others, this shoe is my most comfortable shoes. While in the past I never used it above 21K, this time, just last June 16, 2013, I used to on a 52.5K Ultramarathon.

As expected – the run went well for me. Employing a 10:1 run walk, I was able to to do well. Dry or Wet, there is also no issue of blisters so far.


I have decided to buy a new pair if budget would permit!

this is the Orange one
this is the Orange one
Latest ULTRA 06/16/2013 L2Q
Latest ULTRA 06/16/2013 L2Q
this is the GREEN one - my trainer for daily runs
this is the GREEN one – my trainer for daily runs

This shoe is for forefoot runners  – hence, a good match for me. The sole is FULL FOREFOOT adiPRENE +, one of the latest innovations of adiZero. See this page for more info.

The Adidas Adizero collection boasts of a new breed of running shoes that encourages and supports athletes to run faster, jump higher and win big. It was worn by Haile Gebrselassie when he ran the World Record of 2 minutes and 3 seconds. The Adidas technology of full forefoot adiPRENE and the adiPRENE insert in the heel creates a total environment of support, comfort and power for every person’s feet.

  • adiPRENE in the heel provides protection from harmful impact forces.

  • A full forefoot adiPRENE + for propulsion and efficiency.

I cant discount the reviews that may be found all over the internet. All I can say is that this shoe is the one shoe my feet is comfortable with – REGARDLESS of the distance. The shorter, the better, but not necessarily faster.

Unless I get to wear and run with a shoe, it is only then that I get to know how it really is – as compared to it’s review or marketing ads.

See this link: while it’s a new model, it is basically the same as mine.

And yes, this shoe is really very light. 🙂


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