nosebleed now.

EASY (E) – 1 to 2 minutes slower than projected marathon pace. (ouch)

  • maintain normal running stride
  • 180 steps per minute is ok even with very short strides
  • this run is a recovery run from hard workouts

THRESHOLD (T) – designed to improve your ability to clear or neutralize lactic acid at faster running speeds. The shorted the distace, the more repeats OR a steady run of at least 20 minutes.

REPETITION (R) – a bit faster than your 5K race pace. (can you go faster than your race pace? LOLS). For 200 to 400 meters only with full recovery – until you are ready to do the next bout at the same speed. Focus on FORM.

INTERVAL (I) – is 5K race pace. For 400 to 1200 meters with active recoveries (jog) of the same time you ran. The toughest run of them all.


Preparation is key to any battle.

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