Review, Revisit, Relearn

That’s exactly what I am doing, and continue to do in this first week of training for the longest ultra of my life – for now.

I need to focus more on the little but relevant informations I can get from the experience I have. It’s important not to forget anything. Miss out on one relevant detail and things could turn out differently to undesirable.

I do have a high tolerance to pain.

If there’s anything hard about running, that is the pain of a severe cramps locked in spasm. While it is a minor issue, and very much avoidable, only a few people can master it. By that, I mean, control limit the cramps to a minimum.

Actually, ultra is all about the pace, and knowing what to do at all times. One has to know how to minimize the impact of the heat & the pounding at the feet. Same goes with the cold wind and the rain.

For example, strains. It is likely to happen when one muscle group is stronger than its opposing muscle group, as with hamstring and quads. We use compressions to increase circulation and oxygen blood flow but to deal with strain, and reduce inflammation, you need an ice theraphy. R.I.C.E. But when you cannot rest? Stretch and Massage!

Here’s where you have to ask a newbie: Can you endure the heat? 🙂 If you can, GOOD FOR YOU! Run more!

…TO BE CONITNUED…(for updating)

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