Ordinary but Effective Ways of Doing Things

By God’s grace.

Training is harder this time. Time and resources is in demand.

Long runs will take up a lot of drinks and fuels.

I am listing down my wish list as follows:

  • Volunteer support crew who can stay up longer than me
  1. Time Keeper (who needs to be very strict on monitoring my pace)
  2. Caring volunteer to give me exactly what I will list for hydration and re-fueling – knowledgeable in an ultrarunners nutrition
  3. Knowledgeable volunteer who can easily detect if anything is about or is going wrong just by looking at my run and facial expression
  4. Volunteer physical therapist for my special needs
  • Volunteer support crew with a volunteer support vehicle 🙂 (Let’s talk this over) 😛
  • Energy DRINKS and GELS
  • Liquid Meal Replacements

While training, I need:

  • Supplements
  • Hydration Supply

The same will be needed post-run.

for updating soon…


i WILL go. 🙂

no support…

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