My CM42 Story

1st Marathon of the Year!

Ordinary but Effective Ways of Doing Things

I wrote a reminder to myself before this big event.

Reminder to myself. :) With full stress on the Mandatory Gears.

Trash Bag should be included
Head Lamps not mentioned but I think I will need one.
Water Cup
Handheld Bottle I think is not a good option in case of a strong rain (I will be holding a walking stick!)
Poncho for me (to protect my back from extreme cold)
Visor to cover my eyeglass
2 liters of fluid (my choice of : Mogu-Mogu, Chuckie, Moo, & Water)
Extra Joss Sachets, MILO R2 Sachets
Gum Candies

I failed to bring something important due to time constraints. It’s something I will pay for later too.

Around 8pm of Saturday night, the 21st of September, I was in bed with a fever and colds. The run is in my mind – but I was ready to DNS if ever. BY 10:30pm, after…

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