September to Remember

For me

…it is the MONTH to always be glad for.

I was able to run my 2nd ultramarathon last September 1. It was a 50++ kms route, the Pagsanjan to Majayjay Ultra. Hard one but doable. Very hot day. Very rewarding finish line – in a resort! 🙂 Worth mentioning too is my 1st Ultra of the year. The 50K Laguna to Quezon Ultra, starting at Sta. Cruz, Laguna and finishing at Lucban, Quezon. This proved a bit easier compared to my 2nd.

In this same month, I ran my very first Marathon – the CM42 Trail Marathon – which felt like a 60K road race. The route is hard already. The challenge was compounded by a typhoon. Flood and Mud added spice to the already spicy route. LOLS

Memorable Pieces
Memorable Pieces

Glad to have done both. Thankful to God for the gift of strength. Looking forward to November now…

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