Ordinary but Effective Ways of Doing Things

I feel funny.

After my DNF in the Alpha Trail 50K, I knew i’d be going to rehab – for therapy.

It never happened though.


After a few consultations – I started my strength training. . . then I joined Team Cavite ESE’s Challenge, again.

For a clearer picture of the challenge, allow me to explain further. (you can’t do anything anyways if you will disagree)

Last year, for the month’s of October and November 2013, we’ve had the same challenge. A 260-km Challenge. Simply put, it’s a challenge to complete 260 kilometers via run or walk in the shortest possible day and time. 🙂

Simply put, too, I bagged both month. I completed the October Challenge in 3 weeks, and the November Challenge in 2.

Now, April 2014 Challenge is a 300-kilometer Challenge. I am not in the best condition. I am having a lot of pain POST-RUN…

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