Out of the Ordinary

Ordinary Ways

Friday night to Saturday morning intercession is an ordinary thing to me and my family. We’ve been doing this for many years now. The days that follow, is something else. Way out of the ordinary. 🙂

Sunday, 8th of June 2014

We prepared early and went deliberately early to Church. River of God Galleria. We had an early talk with Pastor Rachel. We closed with her praying for us. She introduced us to a celebrity. 🙂 Then the service started. We were prayed over by the same celebrity. 🙂 Of course, that’s not ordinary! And here’s more! Another celebrity sat in front of me! You know that…you will shake hand with everyone around you. And we did! 🙂

Amazing service. There was an altar call and there was a loud cry from a lot of people. The presence of the Lord does make wonders.

Ok, done with the service. Praise…

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