Beating the Clock

Ordinary but Effective Ways of Doing Things

For my friends who will be running their longest race this coming week – the BDM 160 kms, this one’s for you.

Fear not.

This distance is not impossible to conquer. A lot has already done it…and kept on doing it for fun. 🙂

You just have to beat the clock.

Preparation is key to this one.

How to get the better of the time? Read on…

Gunstart is at 5:00am. It will start with or without you. Rule states that you are disqualified already the minute you miss the gunstart. Hehehehe.

Add 8 hours to your starting time. That’s the time to beat and be at KM 50. If you can go faster – and not bonk or suffer (pain) that much – go for it.

Now that you are in the KM 50 marker, next goal is to be at KM 102 marker before the 18th hour from…

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