The End

Ordinary but Effective Ways of Doing Things

December 2014 was my last official race. A 50-kilometer Ultramarathon, the Tagaytay to Nasugbu, and a 10-mile Trail, the Mt. Talamitam Challenge. I finished both with a respectably good time, but I didn’t pay for the registrations required. 🙂 Somebody does.

That’s how it’s been for the longest time now. I honestly cannot afford the registration fees.

So, I run on my own. 😉 Who says you have to spend so much to run? I can race on my own too. Well, technically, that wouldn’t count. What I mean to point out is that I can run at the same speed as I would on a race – on my own.

I could only reminisce when years ago, a registration fee for a race is no more than P 200.00.

I could still use P 200.00 now…for my meals, drinks and fare to run someplace. Say, fare to Imus, run…

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