Difficult is Relative

Ordinary but Effective Ways of Doing Things

This is a very informal writing. 🙂

Yes, difficult is very relative.

For a new runner, even a 3-km run is already too hard – difficult. However, to some new ones, the same distance could be easy – in terms of distance and pacing.

For a new climber, (here we go!) a minor climb can be very difficult. Again, difficult is very relative. The difficulty may be due to the long distance, or the technicality of the trail, or the terrain, the elevation to the summit, or a little of all.

Wait, Mt. Paliparan may be a Minor Climb, yes…but the trail going back via TungTong Falls? nah…its definitely not difficult – it’s dangerous and deadly!

I’d strongly advise anyone against doing this climb / trail for the first time. Not that I’d like to deny you of the experience, but that I want to ask you something first. Are…

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