The Sign

No reconciliation.

No forgiveness.

No invitation.

= No appearance.

Life made simple.



Did the workout yesterday, the 26th of November.

I started walking down the building from 32nd Floor and to Baywalk.

Did 100 ups, then started to run, and complete the workout as listed.

Finished with a moving 100 ups and 20 squats.

All done in 42 minutes.

Today, the 27th of November, I’m sore. Hahaha

August 21 2018

Walked from Malate to Intra and UEC.

Joint meeting of UECP and Maharlika.

I was the assigned Prepared Speech Evaluation for Kamille Ortega Espiel. It was an Ice Breaker Speech for her contest but delivered in Filipino.

I also volunteered in the Table Topics. I was evaluated by Toastmaster Andrew.

Walked from Nagtahan to Pandacan for a ride to Paco.