Last Month

Just last month…

I bagged the first place for the Team Cavite ESE 260km Octoberian Challenge.


The challenge is fun.

It is also to my advantage since I am training with high mileage for my big event next year.

1376461_10201541475593278_1222974790_nAbove image is just a peak of how the race progressed…

But A. DABULL came in 2nd while J. SOLEDAD came 3rd. Yes, somebody flew so high with a very high mileage!

All thanks to the generosity of the RD JC Igos who took patient time to tally everything and make update almost daily.

For November, I am still in the lead with 41.5 kms remaining as of the morning of November 12, 2013. October took me 3 weeks. For this month, we can never tell how the others will fare from today. I am just definite that by the 15th of November, I am already finished, again. 🙂 A good record for my training.

All glory, honor, thanks and praise be to the Lord God Almighty!

Not Stagnant at All


I joined a challenge under Team Cavite ESE.

The challenge was a 260 km of mileage by end of October.


Who would have expected? That team’s line-up is composed of a lot of running monsters! Yet, I prevailed.

Completed the challenge in 22 days.


All thanks and praise to God!

I felt so great I am so thankful!

(Now I am on my way to make it a 300++ kms by end of October)

Tough Shoes: Where art thou?

Funny as it may sound, but it’s a pocket-serious question for an ultrarunner – who used up a lot of shoes in a span of only many months. Allow me to feature my tough shoes…and possibly introduce yours on the side.

As a backgrounder, there’s a great number of runners these days. While only a few is into the hardcore long run aka ULTRARUNNING, in contrast, there is also a great big number of runners who follow these hardcore ones. Ok…that’s a jumbled thought but regardless of the number, ultrarunners require a bit more of their (our) shoes.

  • Durability
  • Durability
  • Durability

That’s just the top 3. Why? Because ultrarunners train a lot. Well maybe not that much – but intensely. Maybe not that intense – but very long. Maybe not that long – but on a rough trail. Maybe not that rough – but never ONLY on a pavement.

I, for one have brick and marble in my playground aside from the usual asphalt and concrete. Wearing a shoe that is a “no-slip” is a must. Like the rest of you guys, I use what I have…and hope to God that my pick will not be a mistake come race day and/or training.

Before I list down my shoes, I think it best if you’d get a peak at how much I run. See here.

If you did take a peek at my runs, you will find that obviously, I require a tough shoe – one that can endure long runs – though not necessarily intense. I also do trail runs – and that is a different matter – shoe wise.

I run with a shoe I am comfortable with. I am not into fashion running…LOL. I use a shoe that I think would see me through the whole course of the run or race. When in doubt, I bring an extra – but not always. I have a forefoot strike and I run well with a stabilty shoes that has a wide toe box. If a shoe is worth taking to a long run – I test them. When I am satisfied, I use them on Ultra races. Yes, that simple.

So what do I have? peek @ the long ones here

For Marathons:

  • NIKE Pegasus +25 Bowerman Series
  • NEWTON Racer
  • ADIDAS Adistar Salvation

For Ultramarathons:

  • NIKE Pegasus +25 Bowerman Series (Finished my 1st BDM 102, T2N 50K, Tanay 50K, Nuvali Trail 57K)
  • ADIDAS Adistar Salvation (used twice to finish BDM 160, 1st and 2nd Mayon 360 50-miles)
  • ADIDAS Supernova Glide 2 (BDM 160 and F2D 60K)
  • ANTA Running Shoes (used once to test if it really can endure a 70K run  PAU P2P)
  • MIZUNO Wave Prophecy (used once @ T2N 50K as a test run)
  • ADIDAS Climacool (BDM 160 and PAU Tanay 50K)

Special note:

  • I get blisters when it rains. Regardless of the shoe, except for ONE – the NEWTON Racer.
  • I have lots of shoes – which is the very reason why they also have extended lives. Imagine if you run as much as I do with only one (1) shoe.
  • NIKE Pegasus retired after I finished the Nuvali trail. The soles gave out. 🙂
  • During the 1st BDM 160K I used in a span of about 20K my ADIDAS F50 Racer, but finished in my Adistar Salvation.
  • I finished the 2nd BDM 160K in my ADIDAS Climacool starting from KM 102. Hence, I used it again in Tanay 50K.
  • I test my shoes up to the farthest possible distance. If you see me wear a new one – they are all for testing. 🙂 Thanks to the many sponsors.
  • I am not a fast runner. I will always just finish within the cut-off – generally speaking.

Details from my DailyMile account.


Quick Check-In

I left Manila via DLTB @ Buendia on Friday morning at 7:20am. It was a tiring day trip. I am not someone who sleeps while on travel. The movement and the video on board doesn’t go well with me. I get dizzy and tend to just close my eyes and beg the Lord to make me sleep. By 10:17am, we’re already @ Banahaw Foods and Restaurant in Sariaya, Quezon. I get to eat a little and spend more time on an alkaline coffee. By 4:46pm, we’re already @ Naga City Terminal Station. By 7:40pm, I am already @ my parent’s house in Guinobatan, Albay.

1st Stop-Over

While I tried my best to sleep, I am again up by 2:30am of the 21st. BY 3:05am, I am already on a jeepney to Legazpi City. I arrived just in time @ 3:50am. Checked-in my bag, get my bib and start running by 3:58am.

Here’s an account of the run:

3:58am to 5:16am = 10K marker

5:16am to 6:44am = 20K marker

Rod Runner @ KM 20
Mayon viewed @ Camalig, Albay

6:44am to 8:29am = 30K marker

@KM 30. Picture courtesy of Rod Runner

8:29am to 10:51am = 40K marker. Sound tripping with the locals. I even get a good massage for my cramping calf muscle.

10:51am to 12:29pm = 50K marker. We we’re given a small serving of pansit here. 🙂 Thank God!

12:29pm to 2:32pm = 60K marker. Hard rain…hot sun…hard rain…hot sun. 🙂 The weather just can’t make up it’s own mind! Thank God for the cold rain when it was getting too hot. Thank God for the hot sun when it was getting too cold.

2:32pm to 4:24pm = 70K marker. I’m all awake at this point. Heart and mind and soul wanted to finish the race as fast as I could. Last 10K and I have 2.5 hours to go…but, I also have huge blisters this time. So huge I find it hard to speed up. So we walked. Rod Runner still with me.

It was the hardest 10K so far. The route is the same as last year but somehow, this one seemed so long. I hope someone with a Garmin will post the distance. Over a slow run and walk, the last remaining distance to the finish line took us 2 hours. I clocked @ 14 hour and 32 minutes in the official result.

Anyways, thanks to CJ for buying me a pair of slippers, and to the medics who assisted on bandaging my blisters. I went home to a sumptuous meal.

I also learned (while I am now on my 3rd BDM), that my mama’s father, Gaudencio Bongcaras is a World War veteran and a BDM Survivor. Yes, just now while confined at home with my Mama. Also, my father, aged 7 then, lost his father, Benito Marilag. No wonder at his young age – being the eldest – he worked a lot. Selling anything and everything he could. *Sniff* *Sniff* *Sniff*

Thanks be to God our provider. Since we have no reservation, we still tried our chance at getting a seat for the night trip of Mayon Limited going back to Manila on Sunday night. Fully Booked – the sign says. Fully Booked – the ticketing clerk says. So we prayed. Asked the Lord about it…then begged to get a ride. 🙂

We we’re given a seat at the driver’s cab! 🙂 My heart was jumping for joy! So we went back to my parent’s house. Packed our things. Eat merienda…ate an early dinner too, then head back to the train station in Ligao.

When we presented our tickets for the seat number, we we’re actually given! A reclining seat on the first bus! Thank God! We can’t ask for more. Except that the trip be made faster. I was already in Pasay Road station when I get to learn of the delay. It was the Ordinary Morning Trip that caused it all. We we’re delayed for more than 2 hours and no more than 2.5 hours. However, it’s all worth giving a note that the seat of the Mayon Limited is comfortable, and that the airconditioning is too cold at a certain time. We could have gone faster. But it’s a railroad – one behind cannot go faster than the first one. 😦

The experience this time is worth cherishing.

The majestic view of Mayon still stands out.

The unique smell of the province is something.

All glory and honor to God!



The Province of Albay, home of Mayon Volcano, will be hosting its second edition of Mayon 360° Ultramarathon this coming April 21, 2012. This world-class race is an 80km ultramarathon around Mayon Volcano, also known internationally as “A 50-Mile Run around the World’s Most Perfect Coned Volcano”. It is the first ultramarathon event in the Bicol Region, wherein an ultramarathon means a running distance of more than the traditional marathon of 26miles (42.195 kms).

In its second edition, the event will be dubbed as MAGNOLIA PUREWATER MAYON 360° ALBAY ULTRAMARATHON. The change of event name reflects the entry of a major corporate sponsor – Magnolia Purewater, signifying that Magayon Festival events are gaining market traction!

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Runners will be taken across the circumferential scenic mountain side of the Mayon Volcano, through the Pan-Philippine Highway, Sabluyun Road, Karangahan Blvd., and Tabaco-Legazpi Highway, crossing 7 municipalities, 3 cities and 77 barangays of the province of Albay.

I am a witness to this. All you have to do is decide what you want to eat or drink. You can also get a free massage with ice on your cramps!

Through the efforts of the local barangays, runners will be welcomed with aid stations every five kilometers of the race. Local folks along the route will showcase their local hospitality, tourist related info about their barangay, and provide much needed encouragement and support as the runners challenge themselves to finish. This same support at the grassroots barangay level, with close to 700 volunteers, helped the 1st edition of Mayon 360° Ultramarathon won the Philippine’s Best Sports Tourism Event, awarded by the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines (ATOP).

Expect a huge number of elites with these prizes!

Magnolia Purewater Mayon 360° Albay Ultramarathon will be giving cash prizes of more than P230,000.00 with separate categories for local and international runners. The event is currently the cheapest ultramarathon in the country, with a registration fee of only 850 pesos. Said race is sanctioned by the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners  (PAU) as one its official races. A pre-race briefing will be held on April 20, 2012 at 5:00PM at the Albay Provincial Capitol Building, where the participants will be treated to a carbo-loading party. The race, with a 15-hour cut-off, will start at 4:00AM on April 21, 2012 at the Peñaranda Park, Legazpi City.


Along the route.

bring your personal preference!

shall abound!

At the FINISH LINE, you’ll get.









If you are an aspiring BDM Ultrarunner, this race is one, if not the best race to test your limit. It’s also the closest distance one can run near the 102.

Year-Ender Fun and Run

The Planet’s most BORING Party = Team Boring Party.

Dasma to Tagaytay RUN

1st Pitstop to Hydrate after 45 minutes of Continuous Run

2nd Pitstop to Hydrate and Re-fuel
At the 2nd Pitstop

"meters to the finish line"
End of the Run for 2010

Long Distance Running – Whatever it is.

With so much passion for running long, alone or not, I’d like to take you to a journey of a lot of readings about Long Distance Running and Ultra Marathons. Please see the links below. Just click and start the feast.

I have done 102 kms, 65 kms turned 70, 50 kms and a whole lot of 42.195s. Believe me, I’d like to do more. Reading through all the links provided here, I have quoted the interesting highlights and information.

Mind you, compared to a lot of people I know, I’m just a newbie.

Site #1: Click

Long distance running brings in boredom. To relieve yourself from the monotony, change the pace of running from day to another and also in between a day’s run.

Site #2: Click

…there are now several research studies that are confirming the training on low glycogen stores can be very beneficial to runners. These studies have been reported in several running magazines including Running Times.

Site #3: Click

Long distance aerobic running gives the strength and ground work on which much will be built. Lactate threshold training, speed work, and stamina will all come later, but the ability to run long has many benefits.

Site #4: Click

The long run also provides an excellent opportunity to experiment with a variety of issues and concerns (e.g., shoes, nutrition, pacing, etc.).

Site #5: Click

Greg McMillan, a well known exercise scientist and running coach, suggests doing some long runs that are 2 hours and preferably 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 hours without consuming any carbs immediately before or during the run.

Site #6: Click

How far is long enough?

There is no scientific evidence here. A clear tradeoff exists, however, between running far enough to stimulate physiological adaptations and remaining uninjured.

Site #7: Click

You don’t hurt twice as much. In fact, ultras are easier than marathons. Marathons are much more intense and most people run the entire distance. In ultras, only the very elite are able to run 50 miles non-stop.

Site #8: Click

This runner bestows a religious significance upon the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other.

Site #9: Click

A small number of people manage to complete all four in one calendar year.

With all these time-consuming-but-worth-it-reading, I believe that whatever Long Distance Running is, it will stay to be a passion and true love of many.

One Eight Fifteen

That’s not a prescription drug or vitamin. Those are dates of August where group runs were made.

August 1. The ‘secret training ground’ revisited. Latest photo not yet available.

August 8. Long Run in Tanay’s Never-ending hills.

At the Meet-Up place.

Call for Divine Guidance and Protection
Shot by Marvin
Shot by Marvin
Part of the Route

Team Boring and Friends

Team Boring

August 15. Long Run of Takbo.Ph in BHS-The Fort. I bandited! LOL

Our Table
Sa ChowKing