Last Month

Just last month…

I bagged the first place for the Team Cavite ESE 260km Octoberian Challenge.


The challenge is fun.

It is also to my advantage since I am training with high mileage for my big event next year.

1376461_10201541475593278_1222974790_nAbove image is just a peak of how the race progressed…

But A. DABULL came in 2nd while J. SOLEDAD came 3rd. Yes, somebody flew so high with a very high mileage!

All thanks to the generosity of the RD JC Igos who took patient time to tally everything and make update almost daily.

For November, I am still in the lead with 41.5 kms remaining as of the morning of November 12, 2013. October took me 3 weeks. For this month, we can never tell how the others will fare from today. I am just definite that by the 15th of November, I am already finished, again. 🙂 A good record for my training.

All glory, honor, thanks and praise be to the Lord God Almighty!

3 years

I started blogging on March 5, 2009. Glad to be writing more up to this present time. It sure is a journey full of learnings and fun.

Since this is an anniversary month for my blog, allow me to highlight the past year’s accomplishments.

5 Marathons from March to December. All in preparation for the 2nd BDM 102K of 2010.

is the Subic International Marathon. Simply because we were made to run in total darkness – without water or aid station.

4 Marathons and 4 PAU Ultras. Preparation was for the 1st BDM 160K of 2011.

is my first BDM race. The 2nd BDM 102K Ultramarathon. It was an emotional run. Smooth and sweet!

3 marathons.

6 ultras. 1 of which is a trail-ultra!

Self-support run @ 2nd T2N.

is my first 100-miler! The 1st BDM 160K Ultramarathon. I finished anyways despite the lagging time. I was one (1) of four (4) unofficial finishers of this prestigious race.

I like this shot below @ 2nd PAU T2N.

2 ultras as of this date.

is the recently concluded 2nd BDM 160K ultramarathon. I finished well within the cut-off. What I lack in speed and over-all elite endurance is compensated by my advantage of knowing the route, having the experience, and strong desire to beat the clock. I placed #46 out of 53 official finishers. 2 friends FINISHED beyond cut-off though. They should be recognized too. They are the only ones who finished and covered the entire route along with the certified ones.

Thanks to my local readers and supporters, friends, family and acquaintances.

Thanks be to the only God our Savior, the Almighty Father, and the gentle Holy Spirit!

IN Other News #002

4th BDM 102 Race Result is here >>> CLICK

186 started, 160 finished within the 18-hour cut-off. I will personally recognize here in my blog those who are not in the official result. They ran the full 102K route too. They shared the same heat, and dirt and dust. They have lots of stories to tell on why they come short of the time. To me, they are FINISHERS just like all the others. I believe they should be recognized too.

Major Teresa Gangan

Richard "BOO" Toledo

Stephanie Hefti

Yan Dizon

Cindy Sevilla w/ Reginald Santos

Brandy Simbe

Jing Guerrero

Nathaniel Domingo

To those who are not listed here, please feel free to inform me.

(Thanks Zaldy!)

(Thanks Mr. Nathaniel Domingo!)

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