September to Remember

For me

…it is the MONTH to always be glad for.

I was able to run my 2nd ultramarathon last September 1. It was a 50++ kms route, the Pagsanjan to Majayjay Ultra. Hard one but doable. Very hot day. Very rewarding finish line – in a resort! 🙂 Worth mentioning too is my 1st Ultra of the year. The 50K Laguna to Quezon Ultra, starting at Sta. Cruz, Laguna and finishing at Lucban, Quezon. This proved a bit easier compared to my 2nd.

In this same month, I ran my very first Marathon – the CM42 Trail Marathon – which felt like a 60K road race. The route is hard already. The challenge was compounded by a typhoon. Flood and Mud added spice to the already spicy route. LOLS

Memorable Pieces
Memorable Pieces

Glad to have done both. Thankful to God for the gift of strength. Looking forward to November now…


nosebleed now.

EASY (E) – 1 to 2 minutes slower than projected marathon pace. (ouch)

  • maintain normal running stride
  • 180 steps per minute is ok even with very short strides
  • this run is a recovery run from hard workouts

THRESHOLD (T) – designed to improve your ability to clear or neutralize lactic acid at faster running speeds. The shorted the distace, the more repeats OR a steady run of at least 20 minutes.

REPETITION (R) – a bit faster than your 5K race pace. (can you go faster than your race pace? LOLS). For 200 to 400 meters only with full recovery – until you are ready to do the next bout at the same speed. Focus on FORM.

INTERVAL (I) – is 5K race pace. For 400 to 1200 meters with active recoveries (jog) of the same time you ran. The toughest run of them all.


Preparation is key to any battle.


I did reconsider.

Just last week’s Sunday, the 21th of July, I ran and walked 57 Kms from Luneta to Tagaytay City. I might repeat the same in the next coming weeks.

I will not be running MILO elims this coming Sunday.

Well, not that I cannot afford it – but that the registration fees these days are just not practical.

I would have bought a MILO race kit if an available one is found.

Anyways, best of luck to all the aspiring qualifiers!



The Year that Was

Today, the 27th of December marks the last 4 days of the present year.

It’s always nice to look back and reminisce about the best of the things this year has offered.

January 2012 – I bagged one of the hardest buckle to get. 🙂

2nd BDM 160K Ultra
2nd BDM 160K Ultra

February is a slack.

March 2012 – I finished the 2nd Tanay 50K Ultramarathon. One of the hardest short ultras. (for me).

April 2012 – I finished the 2nd Mayon 360 50-miles. One of the hottest and rainiest event of the year. (for me).

May to July is a slack. Lots of peak-bagging, though.

August 2012 – I finished the 2nd Fort Magsaysay to Dingalan Aurora 60K Ultramarathon. One of the hardest road ultras too. (for me).

September to October is a slack. Lots of cross-fits though.

November 2012 – I finished my 1st CM50 60K category. One of the toughest trail ultramarathon. (for me).

CM50 60K Category
CM50 60K Category

December 2012 – all slack. 🙂 Crossfits and meals! Hahahaha. Very few short runs.


My DAILYMILE got some stats.

The Last 12 months
The Last 12 months
Total for the YEAR 2012
Total for the YEAR 2012