For Your Own Sake

This is a special blog for my BDM aspiring friends – they, who will be running the classic race for the first time…

You have seen me do it. Once, if not twice. I would usually say that 102 is easy – for it is!


  1. You prepared well.
  2. You wanted it so much.
  3. You dream dreams about it and you get unlimited jitters about it.

Here’s the how:

  • Run long, and run a consistent run. Make time for a regular training routine keeping in mind that the most important run of the week is the very long run. Yes, it should be very long. SHOULD – not MUST. By LONG we mean more than a 42K and about as much as 80 kilometers in one run/walk. Yes, there’s no shame in walking if you can clock a good 6 kph. Take it from me because I am already giving it to you now. Of course, you can always refuse. 🙂 I have no problem with that.
  • Want it. Focus on the target. That caged-icon-of-white-huge-thumb-tacks. Never take your eyes on that. Yearn to see it. Keep moving forward and minimize stops and rest unless you feel some urgent un-ignorable pain. Do not copy my negative split style of running-til-my-lungs-burst in the last closing minutes of the race. Missing the 18:00:00:00 is not an option. You should be hugging the Race Director before the clock ticks at that.
  • Consider it a challenge when you dream about the race. 🙂 Why? Because it’s inside you and you must let it out. Jitters are normal. Sleepless nights are normal. Lack of appetite is normal. Missing the race is NOT. DNS is NOT.

We have more than 6 months from this date to the race day.  That’s ample time for anyone up to the challenge. Check your list. See if you have the following in your bag:

  • long run under the heat
  • open schedule for training – running long
  • lots of perseverance and patience
  • cash for the registration
  • cash for the crew and crew needs + yours
  • faith in God

All else not in here, PM me. Let’s discuss. You know that I want to see you finish on time. 🙂


The 1st Great Bank Fun Run Race Review

July 21, 2012:

It was a rainy night coming from work. I need to go home and get my things and gear up for the race. I tried to steal a nap since I haven’t slept the night before. Lights out.

July 22, 2012:

Then the wife came…and the kids. I stood up and cooked some thing for us. After a short-turned-to-long-chat, we go to bed.

Past 2am and we’re just going to bed…I need to be up by 3am. I already have set the alarm.

Minutes pass by.

An hour…

…and the alarm.

I quickly fixed myself.

Dressed up.

Hurriedly snatched my ultrarunning hydration pack (filled with nothing but dress and small things).

Grabbed the umbrella, and out of the house. 3:20am.

The rain just won’t stop.

I walked to where the buses are…and found no dry road to step at. There…running shoes dipped in flood water. 🙂 I picked the clearest I could find.

3:54am – the bus arrived. It’s headed to Gumaca.

4:13am – I am already at Alabang, Metropolis. That was fast!

4:48am – found the event site for BMAP’s The Great Bank Fun Run.

Standby for a while waiting for Titanium Runner.

Then he came with Estan, and Beep Beep and we saw Eric and we went to Gloria Jeans for a coffee. For me. 🙂

After the coffee, we went back to the starting line.

Program started.

Kikay runner lead the warm-up.

Count down started.

Gunstart @ 6:30am.

I started the usual. Slow.

I intend to jog and hold my pace until I am in the 2nd 5K. Success!

Slowly, I was able to speed up by the 6th to the 9th Km. I am already at top speed by the last Km to the finish line. Thank God!

It was not a super fast run but it was fast already for me. It was not a slow run but rather a controlled one.

Recorded via My Tracks, the route showed a 9.93K. I was able to stop my time after crossing the finish line in 1:00:48. See details below:

It was already a perfect race for me. For so many reasons.

  • COOL weather. No heavy run, No scorching sun. Slight drizzle.
  • CHALLENGING route. Noticeable character of the terrain = NICE. Rolling up and down. Some asphalt, some concrete.
  • NICE loot! The commemorative coin is something I look forward to!
  • WARM marshalls. They just don’t fail to shout out a GO!
  • WELL marked race route. No reason to get lost anywhere. The signages are enough.
  • WELL hydrated race. Water is available right where you ‘d need them.

So, after getting my water near the station at the finish line, I proceeded to find the finisher’s tent.

The Bib and the Commemorative Coin

After changing shirt, and bidding adieu my friends, I went to the fastest ride I can get – the train.

Cheap. Cold. Clean.

..and I thought I could go home fast.

I was at the train station by 8:35am. The sign says that the next train will leave (the train left as I approach the station) by 9:05am. A good 30 minutes of waiting is easy for me.

I even sat and waited with the rest.

While wasting time counting the people that come and go, I noticed the dirt on my shoes too. Poor thing. But reliable! and tough!


A couple more minutes passed and nothing came.

There. A delay. The train arrived at 9:20am, and it’s not in a good condition somehow. We reached PACO station at 10:13am.

There goes my earlier thought of a fast ride. And the rain continued to pour hard as I walked home.

Still, thankful to God for the many blessings.

While the sky cries, my heart shouts for joy – having ran a good race, and gone home with a nice coin memento!

Mind you, the coin is a PURE NICKEL 10 peso coin that commemorates People Power Revolution of 1986.


Kudos to BMAP and Without Limits!



My very first race:

I ran my first 5KM during the Globe Run For Home last March 21, 2010 with the time of  33 minutes. It was my curiosity that drives me to join this race.

My Best time in a marathon:

Manila International Marathon; Official time: 04:39:22

(Kulang daw yung distance pero Personal Record pa rin compare sa first Marathon ko na 4:55:12)

Running Statistics – Marathon vs Ultra: 3-6

3 Marathons:

  1. Condura Skyway Marathons (Feb 2011)
  2. Milo Elims Marathon (July 2011)
  3. Manila International Marathon (Sept 2011)

6 ultramarathons:

  1. PAU 60K Fort Magsaysay Ultra Marathon Challenge
  2. PAU 65K Western Pangasinan Ultra Run
  3. 2nd PAU 50K T2N Run
  4. Fatass 2012 24-hours category (101KM)
  5. 4th BDM102K (2012).
  6. Mayon 360 80KM

The reason why I run:

I started running 2 years ago. I was a volleyball player back then, and during my cross-training days, my gym mate invited me to join a fun run dubbed as RUN FOR HOME 2010. I was encouraged, and decided to join to support the project for humanity. It was then that I decided to be involved in running, for self achievements and also for a healthy lifestyle. It is also a fulfillment for me every time I finish a race. In running, I was able to meet people with common interests but with different profession. The friendship and camaraderie in this small community puts it to the top of my list.

In your opinion, what’s the big difference between Marathon and a 50K ultra in terms of Preparation and Actual Racing?

There isn’t much difference between preparing for a marathon and a 50K ultra marathon. I try to do 40-60km/week (sometimes higher than 60KM) in distance of running for both races to build my endurance.  Though for marathons, I might include some speed training, interval and tempo runs with rest day in between.  For ultra marathon, I try to do back to back LSD runs or 2 consecutive days of running before resting. It helps my muscles get used to fatigue. Just like what I did before I run my first 60KM Ultra Marathon in Fort Magsaysay last July 2011.

During my trainings, I do 60KM run like the C-loop Challenge. I run in different types of weather conditions and different kinds of terrain. Most of the time, I train alone even in the middle of the night.

In Ultra marathons, speed is not a necessity that is why I train at my comfortable pace. Power walk (known within Team Boring as the ROD WALK) is also a part of my training.

During the actual race, I find full marathons to be in a controlled environment though I’m not looking at it to be easier than an ultra marathon. There are kilometer markers on the route, well-wishers around, marshals/traffic enforcers to guide runners, you have a lot of runner all around that can help/pace with you during the race and of course, water/aid stations every 2-3 km.

For me, ultra marathon is more of a mental game/race since there are factors you have to take into consideration like support crew stops, hydration and nutritional intake. You also have to focus and be aware of the incoming traffic if it’s on a road. During my run in ultra marathon I always focus on my pace and never get affected on who is the strongest runner in front of me. Mind setting is what I do to help me finish the race within the cut-off time even if I am the last runner.

Everybody has their own opinion but for me, ultra marathon composing of about 10-20% of the total participants of full marathons, the friendship and camaraderie in this small community is what matters most.

What is your most memorable race, and why?

The most memorable race for me was the 2012 edition of Bataan Death March – 102K Ultra marathon, after supporting Coach Mar on his Bataan 160K from the previous year. My ultimate goal was to be able to finish the BDM102 with the shortest time possible. I trained hard and gave all my efforts for this event, that’s why I got very emotional after finishing the race in a well deserved 40th place with a time of 15 hours. For me, it was definitely a test of ones strength, capability and will to finish the race. It was also a race that I had full support from MAYOR CJ TEAM (COACH MAR, DOC TOTO, THEI SANGRADOR, HUGO TANDO, KUYA THE DRIVER). Well, the BDM 102 is a self achievement for me and something I am very proud of, but now I am aiming for the BDM 160K edition.

never mind the boy at the background
the afternoon prior to the race
@KM 72 if Im not mistaken
Satisfied and Happy
Mayor CJ Team

7 Most recent races:

  1. 01.07.12 Fat Ass 24hr Category – 101K
  2. 03.03.12 4th Bataan Death March Ultramarathon – 102K
  3. 04.21.12 Mayon360 – 80K
  4. 04.29.12 Hyundai: Run For A Cause – 10K
  5. 06.17.12 RUN UNITED 2012 – 21K
  6. 06.30.12 ANR FUN RUN 2012 -5K
  7. 07.01.12 PATAFA ROAD RACE (21K)

Team Affiliation:

One of ANR MOA’s pansit session

Team Moa

Team Boring

Team Breathe Hope

I have only a few words for this guy.

  • Very patient
  • Very cool
  • Very compassionate

..and that is just as a person. I have known CJ for quite some time now. He has so much passion for running.

I think this is the first day I met them @ANR MOA
Long run to Tagaytay
Starting Point @ Dasmarinas
Taught them some things @ Vito Cruz PSC Oval
Long Run from MOA to Cavite City
Special Session @ CCP: Taught them some things.
Special Session @ ULTRA: Taught them some things..
My LONE pacer from KM 102 to KM 150 @BDM 160K 2012
(imagine the patience and the strength of this guy)
Train Buddy last Mayon 360 50-miler: Chance passenger able to secure a ticket on a fully booked trip back to Manila.

and yes, he trains so hard it shows on his BDM 102K finish time.

A salute to a great guy!




My very first race:

It was a kidney awareness run held at UP Diliman, I registered for a 5km distance with my buddy, I do remember the feeling up to now hahaha the gunstart was at 5:30am but we we’re there around 2am, aren’t we excited? 🙂 it took me 52 mins to finish my first 5km run, it was the most difficult work out I ever did, to the point that I cursed running at that time 🙂

My Best time in a marathon:

5hrs08mins @ The Condura Skyway Marathon,  Feb 5, 2012

Jerome in action

Running Statistics – Marathon vs Ultra: 4 – 7


  1. Condura Skyway Marathon February 2011
  2. Milo Marathon July 2011
  3. Quezon City International Marathon December 2011
  4. Condura Skyway Marathon February 2012


  1. Front Runners Nuvali Trail Challenge 57km June 2011
  2. Fort Magsaysay Nueva Ecija – Dingalan Aurora (PAU)60km July 2011
  3. Western Pangasinan C2S (PAU) 65km August 2011
  4. Tagaytay – Nasugbu ( PAU ) 50km September 2011
  5. Mayon 360 International Ultramarathon 80km April 2012
  6. Tagaytay – Nasugbu ( PAU ) 50km May 2012
  7. Front Runners Nuvali International Trail Challenge 51km July 2012

Fort Magsaysay
Western Pangasinan
Tagaytay – Nasugbu

The reason why I run:

Basically for losing weight. I never thought that running as a sport will lead me to the World of Marathons as well as Ultra Marathons. It started when I was bullied because i gained a lot of weight. I am actually a victim of BULLYING 🙂 I tried to go on a diet as well as hitting the gym for work outs but I never get the result i wanted so I took running seriously as an alternative to losing extra weight. With the help of my friends who pushed me to engage in this sport, I was able to trim down my weight from 80kg 2 years ago. Now i am 65kg lighter and I’m really satisfied with the fruit of my hardwork. I do believe that running can change a life, from a heavy drinker/partygoer now a proud Ultra runner. I am proud that i was able to encouraged friends to try running as a sport too, and hopefully they will engage ultra running as well 🙂

In your opinion, what’s the big difference between Marathon and a 50K ultra in terms of Preparation and Actual Racing?

Training :

Joining races as well as LSD’s for my Ultra, loading of multivitamins for body resistance.

Strategy :

When to run, when to walk and when to stop, i do always maximized my time especially when i race for an Ultra, though, it’s the same strategy when running a marathon but i normally strategize my races in an Ultra. Thanks God i able to beat the time within cut-off 🙂

On Race Day :

I would make it sure that i have rested properly, eat alot and as much as possible tried to apply my trainings. Running on a marathon is quiet different than running an Ultra. In marathon runners are more pampered, every 1.5km has a hydration stations, you have not to worry with the traffic since roads are closed, you have just to race against each runners. In Ultra, you have to be cautious since roads are open, no marshalls and no hydration stations in most races, your only source of strength are your support crews, crews from different runners, sari sari stores that sells drinks, and of course GOD for we know that without him we’re nothing. Ultra runners are more patient and accommodating. We, ultra runners cheer for each other 🙂 and are not whiners hehehe ( magagalit si Sir Jonel ), and that makes me love this sport.

What is your most memorable race, and why?

Every races i joined are memorable to me, whether its a short distance or long distance, whether i registered a new personal record or not because i know i gave my heart on it, but the Nuvali International Trail Challenge topped it all,i almost quit after the first loop of the race, due to lack of sleep, the muddy trail and the humidity. When i toed at the starting line i was 26hrs awake due to prior commitment. I remember some instances in the trail that i walked dead, i was very sleepy at that time, so i always grabbed an ice and put it on my head to bring back my senses and try to keep on moving and moving. I reached  the finish line at 8hrs and 55mins, what an awesome finish for a sleepy head :).

5 Most recent races:

Nuvali International Trail Challenge 51km July 2012
Run United 2 10km June 2012
T2N PAU Races 50km  May 2012
Mayon 360 International Ultramarathon  80km April 2012
Condura Skyway Marathon February 2012

Team Affiliation/(s):

Team Breathe Hope
Team MOA #in 1 of ANR Session
Team MOA #one of the originals

I’ve known Jerome for quite some time now.

From ANR MOA (Jerome, Yours truly, Master Cindy)
Slight Scrumble with the MOA Boys and little FAST Cute Lady
Pacer during my 1st BDM 160K Ultramarathon 2011
Simple celebration @ the last 5K to the Finish Line. #1st BDM 160K
Breakfast @ McArthur Highway, in Dau, Mabalacat Pampanga
A friend of Team Boring
member of a trio 🙂
Supporter of Team Boring @ 2nd BDM 160K 2012
Duet with Trio member Featured Ultrarunner #2

One of the few humble friends I have, and thankful for.

A salute to a great guy!




My very first race:

Earth Day Run May 31, 2009 at McKinley Hills, Taguig City. I got curious about this advert of a fun run sponsored by ETC 2nd Avenue on TV so I just decided to inquire and sign up for the race. And the rest was history…
My Best time in a marathon:
Summit Water CamSur Marathon September 26, 2011; Official time: 04:19:22
Running Statistics – Marathon vs Ultra:
5 Marathons:
  1. Condura Skyway Marathons (2011 & 2012)
  2. CamSur Marathon (2011)
  3. Milo Manila Elimination (2011)
  4. Singapore Marathon (2011).
6 ultramarathons:
  1. The Valley Trail Challenge (2011)
  2. PAU 60K Fort Magsaysay Ultra Marathon Challenge
  3. PAU 65K Western Pangasinan Ultra Run,
  4. 2nd PAU 50K T2N Run
  5. 4th BDM102 (2012).
  6. Fatass 2012 12-hours category

The reason why I run:

Since I didn’t have the luxury before go to the gym for some much-needed exercise, I tried to look for a sport that is ‘cheap’ and flexible to my work schedule. I worked at a call center before and it was hard to find time in between to hit the gym and work out. So, I found running to be very flexible with my job. I can easily do a short run around Makati CBD late in the evening to put in some mileage. All you need is to lace up and hit the road until you’ve hit your target for the day.
In your opinion, what’s the big difference between Marathon and a 50K ultra in terms of Preparation and Actual Racing?

In my own opinion, there isn’t much difference between preparing for a marathon and a 50K ultra marathon. I try to do 40-60km/week of mileage of running for both races. Though for marathons, I might include some speed training and interval & tempo runs with restday in between. For ultramarathon, I try to do back to back LSD runs or 2 consecutive days of running before resting. It helps my muscles get used to fatigue.
During the actual race, in my opinion, I find full marathons to be in a controlled environment though I’m not looking at it to be easier than an ultramarathon. There are kilometer markers on the route, well-wishers around, marshals/traffic enforcers to guide runners, you have a lot of runner all around that can help/pace with you during the race and of course, water/aid stations every 3-4 kms. For me, ultramarathon is more of a mental game/race since there are factors you have to take into consideration like support crew stops, hydration & nutritional intake, focus on incoming traffic if it’s a road ultra or terrain if it’s a trail ultra. Everything has its difference as well but with ultramarathon composing of about 10-20% of the total participants to full marathons, the friendship and camaraderie in this small community puts it to the top of my list.

What is your most memorable race, and why?

The most memorable race for me was the 2012 edition of Bataan Death March – 102K Ultramarathon. Ever since I started running, my ultimate goal was to be able to try and finish BDM102. Well, everyone always says that there is always 160K edition also to aim for after that. For me, it was definitely a test of ones strength, capability and will to finish the race. It was also a race that I had full support from my fiancé, Ana along with 2 of my closest friends in the ultra running community, Keisha and Bong, & of course my Team Boring family. It was definitely, by far, the most memorable race for me.

@ the BDM 102K finish line with the RD
The BDM 102 Support Crew
5 Most recent races:
12.04.11 Standard Charter Singapore Marathon – 42K
01.07.12 Fat Ass 12hr Category – 57K
02.05.12 Condura Skyway Marathon – 42k
03.03.12 4th Bataan Death March Ultramarathon – 102K
04.29.12 Hyundai: Run For A Cause – 10K

Team Affiliation:

Team Boring

Kokoy is one fast runner who never brags about his time. He finished BDM 102 in 30th place. See here.  @ the 2nd PAU T2N, he clocked @ 5:47:37 placing 40th. He also finished in Sub 10 hours the hard route of Fort Magsaysay to Dingalan, Aurora – the PAU Fort Magsaysay 60K. To date, he is one of the fastest runners of Team Boring. Also, one of the humble ones. I give high respect to people who trains properly, and sticks to that training with so much discipline. Here’s one guy who will not enter a race unprepared.

A salute to a great guy! 🙂



My very first race:

Century Tuna Superbods 2010 3k.. i never cared about the race kaya uminom pako before the race day. LOL :)). lasing pako sa starting line kaya naghanap muna ako ng portalet where i can vomit. ayun okay na ulit ako. Clocked in at 18mins something .haha. I was very alcoholic before i got into running.

My Best time in a marathon:

4:50:31- 35th milo marathon eliminations. 2weeks after my first ultra ( PAU fort Magsaysay 60k).my main target is to get a sub-5 time and recovering from my first ultramarathon with a time of 5:45:XX. Very satisfied to reach my target and to also get a personal record.

Running Statistics – Marathon vs Ultra:

Marathons: (3)

  1. Condura 2011
  2. Condura 2012, Milo 2011

Ultra:  (5)

  1. PAU Fort Magsaysay 60k
  2. PAU Tagaytay-Nasugbu 50k 2011
  3. PAU Tagaytay-Nasugbu 50k 2012
  4. PAU Tanay 50k
  5. 4th Bataan Death March 102k
@ Tanay 50K Ultramarathon with the ever supportive girlfriend Isha Chua.

The reason why I run:

Main reason why I run because I want to get rid of my vices. Masyado nakong alcoholic and i got into smoking na. So I started “jogging” every morning even in the afternoon. After a run, nawawala stress ko. Nagsimula nakong mag-addict sa pagtakbo nun. I run after classes na naging resulta ng matinding pagkapayat ko! Haha. After a few months, madami nakong nakilalang bagong kaibigan. Naging isa din itong dahilan kung bakit ako nahumaling sa pagtakbo, dumami ang aking kaibigan. Mga kaibigan na nakakasama ko ilang kilometro at ilang oras na pagtakbo. At syempre lalong napadalas ang aking pagtakbo kasama sila kaya halos araw-araw ay tumatakbo na nga ako.

Fit and Ready to Race

In your opinion, what’s the big difference between Marathon and a 50K ultra in terms of Preparation and Actual Racing?

nung newbie ako sa running, sinasabi ko sa sarili ko na “grabe 42k?? 10k pa nga lang mamatay nako” kaya 1 year ako nag train. 1 year of running and racing before ako mag full marathon. More on speed training ako on my marathon. Magsisingit ng longruns kapag may time or may magyayang running friends ng LSD. Umaasa lang ako sa LSD with friends kasi tinatamad ako maglongrun mag isa. LOL . Kapag marathon kasi for me, madami pang mga nag rarace jan kahit malayo pero sa 50km ultra naman, yung iba minamaximize yung cut-off pero may iba naman na kumakarera!. Pareho lang ang training ko for a marathon and 50km ultra. Pero yung 8kms na additional ay grabe. Jan mo malalaman kung nakapag train ka ng ma ayos . Basta alam mong nag training ka for a race, confident ka na you will finish strong! Sa training pa lang wasakin mo na sarili mo para sa race day hindi na masyadong wasak! Ang motto ko lang sa mga ultra ko ay “start slow and you will finish fast!”


What is your most memorable race, and why?

pangarap halos ng bawat runner na makatapos sa BDM102. Naimbitihan nga akong tumakbo sa 4th Bataan Death March 102k! una kong pinroblema dito ay yung training. Kinukumpleto ko din kasi ang requirements ko for being a seafarer. Very low mileage talaga ako. Dumating na nga ang race day at dito nasukat ang tibay ng paa ko! Im expecting the worst pero yung worst pala na yun blisters over blisters, dead toenails, bloody chaffing sa singit at kili-kili at sobrang wasak na legs. Masakit na talaga legs ko nun.. Totoong death march nga. Dito din kame nakapag bonding at nagmurahan ni chaps ng todo and in the end, official finishers na nga kame. dito Truly a dream come true..

Most recent races:

  • Condura 2012 42k
  • 4th bataan death march 102k
  • Tanay 50k Tagaytay-nasugbu
  •  50k Epic relay 250( 10persons/250kms)

Team Affiliation:

Team MOA

Team Boring

I have known Japhet for quite some time now. He is one intense runner. Some of the rare species who would give it a go and really push…what more can I say? Let the pictures speak on it’s own.

Greentenial Race
1st Encounter @ ANR MOA
Long run (fast!) to Tagaytay from Dasma
Breakfast @ Jollibee Tagaytay
Long run to Cavite City from MOA on a rainy night!
Breakfast @ McDo Cavite City
Training Session @ CCP
Training Session @ PSC Oval
Now compare this picture with the reason why he ran…:) See the big difference?

A salute to a great guy!



Quick Check-In

I left Manila via DLTB @ Buendia on Friday morning at 7:20am. It was a tiring day trip. I am not someone who sleeps while on travel. The movement and the video on board doesn’t go well with me. I get dizzy and tend to just close my eyes and beg the Lord to make me sleep. By 10:17am, we’re already @ Banahaw Foods and Restaurant in Sariaya, Quezon. I get to eat a little and spend more time on an alkaline coffee. By 4:46pm, we’re already @ Naga City Terminal Station. By 7:40pm, I am already @ my parent’s house in Guinobatan, Albay.

1st Stop-Over

While I tried my best to sleep, I am again up by 2:30am of the 21st. BY 3:05am, I am already on a jeepney to Legazpi City. I arrived just in time @ 3:50am. Checked-in my bag, get my bib and start running by 3:58am.

Here’s an account of the run:

3:58am to 5:16am = 10K marker

5:16am to 6:44am = 20K marker

Rod Runner @ KM 20
Mayon viewed @ Camalig, Albay

6:44am to 8:29am = 30K marker

@KM 30. Picture courtesy of Rod Runner

8:29am to 10:51am = 40K marker. Sound tripping with the locals. I even get a good massage for my cramping calf muscle.

10:51am to 12:29pm = 50K marker. We we’re given a small serving of pansit here. 🙂 Thank God!

12:29pm to 2:32pm = 60K marker. Hard rain…hot sun…hard rain…hot sun. 🙂 The weather just can’t make up it’s own mind! Thank God for the cold rain when it was getting too hot. Thank God for the hot sun when it was getting too cold.

2:32pm to 4:24pm = 70K marker. I’m all awake at this point. Heart and mind and soul wanted to finish the race as fast as I could. Last 10K and I have 2.5 hours to go…but, I also have huge blisters this time. So huge I find it hard to speed up. So we walked. Rod Runner still with me.

It was the hardest 10K so far. The route is the same as last year but somehow, this one seemed so long. I hope someone with a Garmin will post the distance. Over a slow run and walk, the last remaining distance to the finish line took us 2 hours. I clocked @ 14 hour and 32 minutes in the official result.

Anyways, thanks to CJ for buying me a pair of slippers, and to the medics who assisted on bandaging my blisters. I went home to a sumptuous meal.

I also learned (while I am now on my 3rd BDM), that my mama’s father, Gaudencio Bongcaras is a World War veteran and a BDM Survivor. Yes, just now while confined at home with my Mama. Also, my father, aged 7 then, lost his father, Benito Marilag. No wonder at his young age – being the eldest – he worked a lot. Selling anything and everything he could. *Sniff* *Sniff* *Sniff*

Thanks be to God our provider. Since we have no reservation, we still tried our chance at getting a seat for the night trip of Mayon Limited going back to Manila on Sunday night. Fully Booked – the sign says. Fully Booked – the ticketing clerk says. So we prayed. Asked the Lord about it…then begged to get a ride. 🙂

We we’re given a seat at the driver’s cab! 🙂 My heart was jumping for joy! So we went back to my parent’s house. Packed our things. Eat merienda…ate an early dinner too, then head back to the train station in Ligao.

When we presented our tickets for the seat number, we we’re actually given! A reclining seat on the first bus! Thank God! We can’t ask for more. Except that the trip be made faster. I was already in Pasay Road station when I get to learn of the delay. It was the Ordinary Morning Trip that caused it all. We we’re delayed for more than 2 hours and no more than 2.5 hours. However, it’s all worth giving a note that the seat of the Mayon Limited is comfortable, and that the airconditioning is too cold at a certain time. We could have gone faster. But it’s a railroad – one behind cannot go faster than the first one. 😦

The experience this time is worth cherishing.

The majestic view of Mayon still stands out.

The unique smell of the province is something.

All glory and honor to God!


The Joy of a Hike and Run

It was a week full of extension.

After work Thursday afternoon, I proceeded directly to the NPG @ Cuneta Astrodome. The event closed at past 9pm.

After work Friday afternoon, I attended the Launch of the REEBOK CrossFIT. Thanks be to God for another new shoes for review. From Libis, I have to see my wife @ NPG and then proceed to Paranaque for an OVERNIGHT Intercession.

Saturday afternoon, after a little rest, we went to Glorietta to attend the Healing Mass of Father Fernando Suarez. The place is just overflowing with souls.

By Past 10pm, I was already on the road. Going to McDonald’s MUNOZ (not to be confused with any Mcdo in Congressional Avenue).

One by one, the guys arrived. Bong Alindada first, Jazz Paringit, Juvy Pagtalunan and Stephanie Hefti.

By my calculation from some previous trip to Bataan, it would take us about 3 hours to 4 hours to reach Brgy Tala in Orani. We left McDonalds @ about 25 minutes past 1 am. Guess what? Around 2:4am, we were already parked outside the 73rd Infantry Headquarters. That’s a course record for fast driving! 🙂

Near 5:30am, Doc Maila arrived and a few minutes more, THE Baldrunner.

BRIEF chat
BEFORE the hike starts
Bong's Hisptamatic: The peak @ the background
The TARGET is just above my head...
Bong's Hipstamatic

Brisk Hike
4K mark. It was very cold here. Target behind us looks near.
What more can I say?

near Camp 1
Camp 1. KM mark 8.02. Good place to pitch before assault.
@ the summit
@ the Summit with Mt Mariveles as background
clean-up UP THERE
We found trash left by somebody up there
Start to the Summit is 9.6K. Took us 3 hours via fast hike.

Mount Mariveles viewed from Mounta Natib
oh yeah!
Secured HIKE. 🙂
MOUNT NATIB peak - Acquired!

GOING DOWN and back to where we started:

1 of the 2 ropes you'd need to use going up and down the summit. shot using my cellphone from the top going down.

I was actually giving instructions here on what to do to the next one.

This trail hike should be repeated. 🙂

Summit down to Camp 1 took me 57 minutes and 16 seconds. It was a 1.28K hard trail.

Camp 1 to the HQ starting line took me a whopping 1 hour and 9 minutes 16 seconds. It was an 8.02K trail. Lots of stone but still a good road to run.

The heat was just nice.

Thanks to the Station Commander. 🙂
What better way to end the hike and run with a FIESTA meal!


The Province of Albay, home of Mayon Volcano, will be hosting its second edition of Mayon 360° Ultramarathon this coming April 21, 2012. This world-class race is an 80km ultramarathon around Mayon Volcano, also known internationally as “A 50-Mile Run around the World’s Most Perfect Coned Volcano”. It is the first ultramarathon event in the Bicol Region, wherein an ultramarathon means a running distance of more than the traditional marathon of 26miles (42.195 kms).

In its second edition, the event will be dubbed as MAGNOLIA PUREWATER MAYON 360° ALBAY ULTRAMARATHON. The change of event name reflects the entry of a major corporate sponsor – Magnolia Purewater, signifying that Magayon Festival events are gaining market traction!

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Runners will be taken across the circumferential scenic mountain side of the Mayon Volcano, through the Pan-Philippine Highway, Sabluyun Road, Karangahan Blvd., and Tabaco-Legazpi Highway, crossing 7 municipalities, 3 cities and 77 barangays of the province of Albay.

I am a witness to this. All you have to do is decide what you want to eat or drink. You can also get a free massage with ice on your cramps!

Through the efforts of the local barangays, runners will be welcomed with aid stations every five kilometers of the race. Local folks along the route will showcase their local hospitality, tourist related info about their barangay, and provide much needed encouragement and support as the runners challenge themselves to finish. This same support at the grassroots barangay level, with close to 700 volunteers, helped the 1st edition of Mayon 360° Ultramarathon won the Philippine’s Best Sports Tourism Event, awarded by the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines (ATOP).

Expect a huge number of elites with these prizes!

Magnolia Purewater Mayon 360° Albay Ultramarathon will be giving cash prizes of more than P230,000.00 with separate categories for local and international runners. The event is currently the cheapest ultramarathon in the country, with a registration fee of only 850 pesos. Said race is sanctioned by the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners  (PAU) as one its official races. A pre-race briefing will be held on April 20, 2012 at 5:00PM at the Albay Provincial Capitol Building, where the participants will be treated to a carbo-loading party. The race, with a 15-hour cut-off, will start at 4:00AM on April 21, 2012 at the Peñaranda Park, Legazpi City.


Along the route.

bring your personal preference!

shall abound!

At the FINISH LINE, you’ll get.









If you are an aspiring BDM Ultrarunner, this race is one, if not the best race to test your limit. It’s also the closest distance one can run near the 102.

Gradual Progression

Start as a Kitten. Turn into a Cheetah!

Start at a rolling hills. End up in the mountains.

Start at ZERO
Train well and proper
Race a 10 Miler.
Conquer some Marathons
50Ks like T2N
60ks like F2D
70ks like P2P
80Ks like Mayon 360
100s or The BDM 102! (wala pang bakod noon)
Run/Walk for a Buckle

Train for the run to be easy.

Run easy when you train.

I see no reason to hurry for I intend to run forever.

Train hard if you wish to run hard.

Let me be when I am running easy.